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Hello world, meet our new logo

Introducing a brand new look

In October 2020, AnyMind Group renamed the AdAsia and CastingAsia brands. Read more here.

This is our first rebrand since reorganizing into AnyMind Group in January 2018. However, this was a necessary one.

The company has evolved in so many ways – from humble beginnings in Singapore as AdAsia Holdings, the initial focus was on the advertising industry. In August 2016, we launched the CastingAsia platform, which has now turned into a fully-fledged business line.

In January 2018, we reorganized into AnyMind Group, and launched TalentMind, an HR-focussed business. At this point, we had also made our first acquisition: FourM in Japan. The business was growing, with 250 staff across 10 offices in 9 markets.

Like any person, business or industry, we were evolving.

Traditional to modern AnyMind logo

Leading up to our fourth birthday, we wondered – does our logo reflect what we’re currently doing, and can it match our ambitious plans for the future?

Old AnyMind logo

We were also considerably hesitant. The logo had been around for more than two years, and our staff, customers, partners and other stakeholders were familiar with our logo. What would be the impact of a change in identity?

However, in just those two-plus years, the business had evolved into a much bigger machine.

We had acquired a publisher trading desk, two influencer networks and an in-app video ad platform in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan and India, grew the #AnyMindFamily by 450 people, to over 700 at current count, and expanded out of Asia with our most recent acquisition.

Our business map, containing our various brands, looked like this:

AnyMind old business structure

Going back to January 2018, when we reorganized into AnyMind Group, the intention was to scale into other industries, and that remains the same.

With these in mind, we set out to develop a new logo with our in-house designer, Naoya Kurita, who designed the original AnyMind Group logo.

We wanted to portray our intentions to scale globally. We wanted to portray the synergy between our various business lines. We wanted to simplify how our logo looks. We wanted our logos to be relevant to their various offerings.

We found a logo that represents “us”

Sporting colors that represent our identity: Red for passion, blue for speed, green for growth and yellow for openness, the new AnyMind Group logo also reflects the various cultures and backgrounds of our staff, and various business lines and brands, all working in collaboration and synergy.

New AnyMind logo

Also, it didn’t make sense to change our AnyMind Group logo, but keep the rest of the original brand logos the same.

AdAsia, CastingAsia, TalentMind logos

Similar to telephones and personal computers going wireless, AdAsia, CastingAsia and TalentMind had sprouted their own wings and developed their own identities.

It was time to give them their own visual recognition and independence.

AdAsia logo

Going back to the brand’s roots in advertising, the new logo signifies the ability for AdAsia’s customers to reach the right target audience through various means including display, video and native ads across all devices, and also digital outdoor ads.

CastingAsia logo

With the CastingAsia brand owning its share in the influencer marketing industry, the new logo reflects the diffusion of content on social media, and a future of increased video content and consumption.

TalentMind logo

The new TalentMind logo represents data and humans, with the brand’s offerings focused on helping HR professionals leverage on data to drive the people aspect of their organizations.

Visualizing the various brands

The new brand logos will sit within our various business categories, entertainment tech, marketing tech and HR Tech:

Entertainment tech

AnyMind Group Entertainment Tech

The entertainment tech category consists of CastingAsia, CastingAsia Creators Network, AnyUp, AnyStyle.Tokyo and LÝFT, alongside acquired companies, GROVE and Moindy.

Marketing tech

AnyMind Group Marketing Tech

The marketing tech category consists of AdAsia, along with joint-venture VGI AnyMind Technology, and acquired companies FourM, Acqua Media and POKKT Mobile Ads.

HR tech

AnyMind Group Entertainment Tech

The HR tech category consists of TalentMind, a one-stop solution for HR professionals, including core modules: payroll, time attendence, recruitment and executive search.

AnyMind Group new business structure

There will be much more to come from AnyMind Group, as we embark on the future.

Welcome, next stage of growth

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the new logos on our websites, platforms, and other various channels. Don’t worry, we’re still the same company with the same powerful offerings, just a refreshed and more relevant look for the future.

Until next time, stay safe!

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