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#TeamAnyMind: Edmond Cheng Chi Chung (Senior Executive, Publisher Engagement)

#TeamAnyMind drops by the Hong Kong office to speak with Edmond Chung. He joined the AnyMind Group family in August 2018, as part of Acqua Media. Find out more about his goals in digital marketing and love for oldies music:

Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m 26 years old and living in Hong Kong. You may call me Edmond or Chung, my first name in Chinese. I was part of the Acqua Media team, and the post-merger integration has been great! I’m excited to be at AdAsia Holdings and AnyMind Group, and am loving life here!

Childhood and Adult Dreams

In my childhood days, I wanted to be a scientist. On the contrary, during my time in university, I dreamed to be a financial planner. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work in a Chinese bank after graduation and now I’ve gradually made my way to where I am now, a digital marketing expert.

Analytic Mindset

I was a programmatic analyst at Acqua Media, with optimization as my main duty – achieving the optimal ROI for publishers and by extension, advertisers as well. Campaign management and inventory allocation is my main focus.

Due to the analytical nature of my role, every decision has to be based on numbers and analysis. Therefore, sensitivity to data and a detailed mindset are essential for this role.

I have been exploring my capability to be a programmatic trader since mid-2018. In comparison to an analyst, this is a challenging and interesting role. It requires much more interactions with agencies, as well as going through the whole logistic to make a deal happen.

Old is Gold

I love pop music from the 80’s – 90’s, and some classical. Music makes me feel calm and peaceful, regardless of the time or place. Vinyl records, producing a warmer and more ‘realistic’ sound compared to a CD disc, recently have grabbed my attention.

During the weekend, I always bring along my camera to record my life, surroundings, and everything I’m interested in. We cannot keep time but can keep those valuable memories.

Career Objectives

Right now, my goal is to continue growing – developing my career and equipping additional role skillsets – ultimately becoming an expert in this field. For instance, I want to get familiar with both the buy-side and sell-side platforms – a possibility here at AnyMind Group and AdAsia Holdings, understanding the intricacies and mechanics across both. This knowledge will definitely help me in my role.

Feel free to reach me anytime and have a great day ahead!

Edmond Cheng Chi Chung

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