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TalentMind bolsters features to help HR teams in Thailand go digital faster

New payroll system adds on to existing HRIS capabilities for TalentMind People

TalentMind, a human resource technology business and part ofAnyMind Group, has today announced the launch of a payroll system under the TalentMind People platform for the Thailand market.

Human resource and payroll professionals in Thailand now have a single platform to automatically consolidate data points, calculate, manage and track payroll, compared to traditional means of spending many hours keeping track of employee movements, manually collecting individual employee information from multiple siloed data sources, and tabulating this data to generate payroll.

Payroll is instantaneously calculated by leveraging on various employee data points including time attendance, leave and absence management, overtime work and employee information – all automatically collected and processed through the TalentMind People system. This is then layered with the automatic calculation and deduction of employees’ base earnings, deductibles, taxes, and provident fund. Once approved by the HR and/or finance controller, the payslip will be securely delivered to employees.

Sho Kondo, Head of TalentMind said: “We’ve moved a step closer towards building a single operating system for human resource professionals. We believe that businesses and HR professionals should transition from spending too much time on routine tasks towards a more digital-first, effective and efficient approach through technology. This will allow HR to spend more time on activities like engaging with employees and talent management – something that only humans can do.”

At present, TalentMind offers HR professionals several key modules including applicant management and tracking system, secure storage, tracking and control of multiple employee data points including leave management, time and attendance tracking, employee database, along with extensive macro and micro analytics and reporting features, providing HR professionals with an easy-to-use, one-stop solution.

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