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[Event Report] Global Startup Conference vol.01 ~ Next Silicon Valley ~

Bringing together global startups, VCs and more.

In August, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, took to the stage at the Global Startup Conference vol.01 ~ Next Silicon Valley ~, held at BASE Q Hall in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

Organised by ShareX Inc., an online service that seamlessly connects companies and market information from various tech ventures around the world, the event saw 100 people gather from startups, VC firms and companies with businesses across the world.

“Next Silicon Valley is a global startup conference that provides attendees with the opportunity to hear about, compare, and catch up on future trends of next-generation technologies and markets.”

(Quoted from the official event page. URL:

The day started with a keynote by Mr. Noriaki Matsushima, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Japan. A panel discussion was also held, comprising of a panel of six, including managers and venture capitalists who are operating in China, Brazil, Russia, Isreal, Africa and India.

Global Startup Conference vol.01

After that, nine companies that operate on a global basis gave 10-minute presentations (inclusive of Q&A), including AnyMind Group’s Kosuke Sogo.

Global Startup Conference vol.01

Sogo shared about the history of AnyMind Group and the prospects for business strategy. He also shared more about the digital outdoor advertising business that AnyMind Group started in Thailand.

Global Startup Conference vol.01

Sogo said “In the future, new forms of advertising and media will keep appearing – not just on the internet or our devices. We want to continue to actively invest in the field and open up new opportunities for marketers.”

Additionally, Sogo shared more about the influencer marketing business and creator field, a key focus area for AnyMind Group through CastingAsia.

“When it comes to technology and entertainment (EnterTech), we’re seeing a progression from blogging to vlogging, and AnyMind Group will continue supporting creators globally, including those in Japan.”

The presentation by Sogo was followed up with a Q&A with Mr. Masaru Ikeda, Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge.

When asked if AnyMind Group is focusing on more fundraising, Sogo said “We’re not focused on raising funds, but we should always invest in the business to achieve greater growth.”

Global Startup Conference vol.01

On the subject of the types of connections and needs that AnyMind Group looks to build and solve at the conference, Sogo responded “The scale we’re operating at in the marketing and advertising industry is unrivaled – if you are looking to do marketing in Japan, Asia or elsewhere, please contact us anytime.”

At the networking session after the event, many positive responses and comments were shared with Sogo from the attendees. Thank you to all attendees and ShareX, the organizer, for hosting such a wonderful event.

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