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#TeamAnyMind: Muhammad Rien Suryatama Idrus (Senior Executive, Influencer Marketing)

#TeamAnyMind drops at Indonesia office to talk with Muhammad Rien Suryatama Idrus. Find out why he loves visiting unique places and doing sports, here:

Hi everyone, my name is Muhammad Rien Suryatama Idrus, but you can call me Rien for short. I am a part of CastingAsia team based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As like any other kids, I had my childhood dream when I was little. I wanted to be a doctor with a purpose to help others in need. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen since I have haemophobia (blood phobia), so whenever I see blood, I would feel so weak and it might result in me fainting, or experiencing pain.

Another thing is, I always want to be an entertainer. I enjoy watching shows on TV about the entertainers who have a decent life and live in Jakarta. They look happy and free! That’s a typical dream of mine! 😍

My Life Is Beyond Wonderful

I was born and raised in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. As a son who always wants to make my parents proud of me, I try my very best to achieve what I’ve been dreaming all the time. I always believe that “results will never betray my efforts,” which is also led me to get a scholarship at Bakrie University, Jakarta, for 4-year education, hence I took Information Technology as my major. After studying for around a year, I realised that it was not really my passion. I was so interested in marketing and communications, but I understood one thing very clearly that I could not waste this opportunity. Therefore, I tried my best to survive and finish my study.

Thankfully, I did not regret my choice at all. I am always thankful for who I am today. If I didn’t study in Jakarta, I might not be able to be a part of this wonderful team, AnyMind Group.

A Great Investment in My Career

As a Senior Influencer Marketing Executive based in Jakarta office, I have a work principle to prioritise teamwork as the main concern. It includes caring, supporting and helping each other. And thankfully, I have great colleagues here.

Besides that, for me, attitude is the essential core to have in terms of working in influencer marketing industry. This means on how we treat our partners, influencers, and also the clients to be on the same level of symbiosis. If we could maintain this thing, putting influencers and clients at the same level, the successful campaign is on the way.

Working at AnyMind Group has been a very great investment in my career life and experiences. I got to handle various influencers, various clients and various issues occurred during the campaigns. As I have mentioned above, that working here also has met me with great people who work with passion. Moreover, I am now quite close with the influencers, artists and also entertainment industry. (Thank you, AnyMind Group!)

Since I am familiar with the influencer marketing industry, I want to be the expert in this industry in Indonesia. This is the thing that I love to do, while it is also the career line that I do really want to explore and excel. Moreover, this industry has been the concern of many brands in order to promote the products nowadays (and I’m sure it will keep evolving by the times). Therefore, I will always open myself to learn about this industry while expanding my network and skills.

Things That Make Me Relax

As a normal human being who needs relax time as well, I love to cuddle myself by watching some screenplays on my bed, especially TV series. It would be perfect if I have a cup of milk next to me while regaling myself with the stories of the movies. Exploring new places or cafes is also on the list of the things that I love to do. It’s always refreshing and of course I could have photo stock for my Instagram account! (find me on Instagram @rienpratama 😎). To be noted, I also care for my own health, which makes me have the urge on doing sports. I comply myself to go to the gym at least twice in a week, so that I could maintain my body condition to stay fit and fresh.

I feel like there’s a lot more room for both myself and the company to grow, especially as part of the great ID team. I want to help drive the growth of not just the ID office, but the whole AnyMind Group!

Well, thank you for reading! Have a nice day, everyone! 😘

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