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CastingAsia is at it Again! DAAT DAY 2019

Yep, you heard it right - CastingAsia is back again, this time at DAAT DAY 2019 in Bangkok! Please read below for all the happenings of the event and further info about the digital industry in Thailand!

CastingAsia Joins DAAT DAY 2019

Digital advertising, influencer marketing, current and future outlooks of the industry, guest speakers from various verticals and more, were featured at this year’s DAAT DAY. CastingAsia was fortunate enough to represent its business and have a booth at the event that took place on 29 August 2019 at the Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World shopping plaza. Our representatives from the Bangkok office were ready and standing by to educate and inform event attendees and visitors to our booth about our various influencer marketing solutions and the CastingAsia platform.

What is DAAT?

For those of you wondering, what exactly is DAAT? DAAT is an acronym that stands for Digital Advertising Association of Thailand. According to the DAAT website, DAAT is a “Group of Digital Media Advertising Companies that recognize the importance of this new media and visibility for future growth. This includes knowledge and creativity, and advertisers are able to support digital advertising as a step forward in the future, as well as to provide digital advertising to all agencies and advertisers that maintain the same direction in digital advertising management for benefit to companies, industries and consumers.” Therefore, through this organization, DAAT is able to collectively share knowledge and support the future growth of the digital industry in Thailand through DAAT Day 2019.

CastingAsia is at it Again! DAAT DAY 2019

Why a Digital Startup in Thailand?

Transformation of the digital industry in Thailand has been rapidly evolving and new startups and players are constantly joining and contributing to the ecosystem. Thailand is a great location to set up operations for a digital startup business, and according to a report released by the BOI (Board of Investment) of Thailand, “Thailand has an excellent ecosystem to support a startup environment as the country is known for its strong creative industries, ground-breaking ICT entrepreneurs and strong customer demand. Within four years, the number of funded startups in Thailand increased from 3 in 2012 to 75 companies in 2016. Funding for startups has also increased by more than 120% during 2012 – 2016.” The rising trend of starting up a business in Thailand has been growing even further in recent times, and with investors becoming increasingly interested in the digital technology industry, funding has increased at a soaring rate as well.

Transformation of the Digital Advertising and Influencer Marketing Industries

Not only in Thailand, but around the globe, marketers and advertisers are experiencing a shift in the way they approach online advertising and influencer marketing. In the very near future, marketers will need to rely and leverage upon deep data and analytics in order to more precisely target audiences and draw in the consumers that matter most to their brand. Fishing deep into the data pools of influencer marketing, CastingAsia offers a solution that addresses the needs of the industry and does so in a quite an “influential” way.

To learn more about CastingAsia and how our various influencer marketing solutions can address the needs of your business, please reach out to us today by clicking here.

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