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Tap on probably the widest array of offerings available today, designed to help web and app publishers to continuously grow.

How We Help You Grow

Unlock a comprehensive range of tools and solutions to drive growth in existing and new areas - from web and app monetization, to media commerce, page speed improvements and analytics.

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Web Monetization

Maximize web revenue by tapping on products and in-market experts to unlock new ad revenue opportunities.

Powerful BI
Access powerful insights including user behavior data, push notification delivery data, advertising revenue data and more.
Access over 70 demand partners through ATS
AnyManager's AnyMind Tag Service (ATS) is connected to over 70 top SSPs, ad networks and DSPs to provide you with increased revenue opportunities through a single ad tag.
PMPs and AnyDigital Premium Marketplace
Tap on AnyMind's own ad marketplace, directly connected to top advertisers globally and featuring built-in ad quality control levers, to drive programmatic delivery and revenue.

App Monetization

Tap on tools and services to drive mobile app growth. From user retention and acquisition to monetization and overseas expansion of apps and ASO measures.

Powerful BI
Access detailed reporting and insights through the AnyManager dashboard including user behavior and advertising revenue data. Our consultants can also work with you to design in-app events and infrastructure based on your requirements.
Easily design, implement and mediate demand across AnyMind Group's partners through a single software development kit (SDK). This enables constant revenue enhancement intiatives delivered without having to write additional code.
App store optimization
Unlock key insights and actions for app store optimization (ASO) through AnyManager to drive increased acquisition of highly-engaged users.

Media Commerce

Unlock new revenue streams through AnyMind's D2C platforms for cloud manufacturing, e-commerce enablement and logistics.

Cloud manufacturing
Create products that your readers and users want to have by drawing on a network of over 200 factories across Asia on AnyFactory.
E-commerce enablement
Leverage on various products for e-commerce analytics, site build optimization, marketing and more to enhance your e-commerce channels.
Logistics management
AnyLogi enables you to easily manage and operate logistics including inventory management, payment confirmation, warehousing, storage, shipping and delivery through a single platform.

Stand App Studio

AnyMind Group provides publishing services for apps to grow faster and bigger. App owners take minimum risk whilst aiming for bigger results.

App Promotion
We'll cover the cost of your app marketing and provide resources to run promotional campaigns.
AIn-App and App Store Analysis
Through Firebase and the database from OS, we analyze data to identify potential solutions
Further growth by maximizing revenue opportunities

UX Improvement

Drive greater user experience through AnyManager by improving page speed without having to install a CDN, incur increased implementation costs or revenue loss, reducing the number of ads or increasing the number of servers.

Analysis based on Core Web Vitals
Analyze and plan measures with various Core Web Vitals indicators through AnyManager.
Tactical design
Customized rollout plan based on your current development resources and prioritize the most effective measures.
Tools that fit your every need
Achieve continuous growth using products that match near-term, mid-term and long-term plans.