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Influencer Marketing

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AnyMind Group's State of Influence in Asia 2022/2023 report

Previous versions of this report have helped marketers and influencers across Asia to grow, and we’re taking things up a level with this report.

Over the past year, influencer data points and campaigns run on the AnyTag platform have doubled, allowing us to provide even deeper insights into the influencer marketing and creator economy spaces in Asia.

In addition, this year’s report includes data from TikTok, a fast-rising platform used by influencers and content creators, along with the rest of the major social media platforms in Asia.

Unlike reports of yesteryear, we’re combining all reports (including local pullout reports) into a single repository, meaning that you’ll just have to download one report to get all the juicy insights.

The State of Influence in Asia 22/23 report aims to help marketers, influencers and content creators make increasingly informed decisions, and drive education around the next stage of influence across the region, ultimately furthering the industry for more impactful and efficient marketing and commerce.

This report leverages data points from over 500,000 influencers through the AnyTag platform, and over 4,000 influencer marketing campaigns conducted across Asia over the past year. All figures shown are accurate as of publication date.

The State of Influence in Asia 22/23 report covers markets including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.



    Overview of influencer marketing in Asia

  • Proportion of most-used social media platforms by influencers in Asia
  • Influencer demographics
  • Top influencer verticals in Asia
  • Unpacking the top two influencer verticals
  • Influencer marketing campaign changes over the years
  • Performance versus awareness campaigns
  • Platforms used for influencer marketing campaigns
  • A closer look at various markets

  • Most commonly-used platforms by influencers per market
  • Influencers categorized by volume per market
  • Most-mentioned brands by influencers in Asia on Instagram (paid and organic)
  • Individual market insights

    Covers Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

  • Market-specific hot takes
  • Influencer vertical breakdown
  • Social media used for influencer marketing campaigns
  • Most-mentioned brand accounts by influencers in a market on Instagram
  • Industries that use influencer marketing the most
  • Social media platforms used by the top industries for influencer marketing campaigns
  • Median engagement rates on influencer content for top social media platforms

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