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Platform for comprehensive e-commerce management

AnyX helps enterprises maximize sales on e-commerce through the improvement of operational efficiency and data utilization.

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A wealth of features that maximizes e-commerce sales

  • Unified e-commerce channel management

    Centrally manage data across your sales channels to improve operational efficiency and reduce opportunity loss, whilst facilitating expansion into new sales channels.

    Unified e-commerce channel management
  • Cross-channel KPI reporting

    Visualize cross-channel operations via an integrated dashboard, enabling effective KPI-based measures from awareness to retention.

    Cross-channel KPI reporting
  • CRM operations and functionality

    Built-in functionality from AnyChat means users can easily manage customer purchase data and engage with customers on one dashboard - driving customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

    CRM operations and functionality
  • Real-time inventory sync

    Built-in functionality from AnyLogi enables users to track deliveries and inventory information in real-time for each e-commerce channel.

    Real-time inventory sync
  • Extended dashboard functionality and custom dashboards

    Depending on the characteristics of each brand, enterprises can extend dashboard functionality and create custom dashboards for tailored and efficient data management.

    Extended dashboard functionality and custom dashboards
  • System and data integration

    Integrate data from AnyX with existing systems, enabling data visualization and analysis to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

    System and data integration

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