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Maximize influencer marketing effectiveness through data

AnyTag is one of the largest influencer marketing platforms in Asia, providing functions for social media and influencer marketing

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All-in-one influencer marketing

  • Campaign management

    Designed to efficiently manage each stage of influencer marketing, from selection and content checks to tracking and reporting.

    Campaign management
  • Pay-for-performance campaigns

    One-stop support for all stages of the marketing funnel, including conversion-based influencer marketing campaigns.

    Pay-for-performance campaigns
  • Marketplace campaigns

    Tap on influencers across APAC and beyond, that are using AnyCreator, for various types of campaigns.

    Marketplace campaigns
  • Hashtag and trend analytics

    Analyze hashtags and trending keywords to measure the impact of your brand and competitors' activities.

    Hashtag and trend analytics
  • UGC utilization

    Discover true fans and maximize UGC by tracking mentions and tags for your brand and products.

    UGC utilization

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