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  • About AnyManager

    Enable publishers for borderless access to web and app data and enhancement features

    A media growth platform that provides a one-stop solution for media and e-commerce support - from monetization to UX improvement. You can customize the functions of AnyManager for each stage of your media, including AMP and PWA conversion, and ASO analysis tools for mobile apps.

  • Website and mobile app analytics

    Website and mobile app analytics

    In addition to revenue data, AnyManager integrates data from your own media properties (websites and mobile apps), allowing you to have a complete view of your opportunities from various angles.

    • Integrations with Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager
    • Reduce invalid traffic and ad fraud
    • Built-in ASO (App Store Optimization) features
    • Real-time analysis of revenue data, traffic data and more
    Website and mobile app analytics
  • Story Engine

    Story Engine

    With Story Engine, you can easily create Web Stories just by entering a URL. You can also customize content and deliver it to specified locations on a web page, or use the hosting feature.

    • Easy creation
    • Repurpose content assets
    • Advanced customization
    • Hosting and delivery
    Story Engine
  • AnySDK


    App developers can easily enable multiple mediation partners to implement and start monetizing by installing only AnySDK.

    • Easy implementation
    • Reduction of maintenance cost
    • Variety of formats
    • Many Mediation Partners
  • PMPs and AnyDigital Premium Marketplace

    PMPs and AnyDigital Premium Marketplace

    AnyMind Group also runs a robust ad marketplace connected directly to advertisers globally. This also includes built-in quality control levers to guarantee quality of traffic.

    • Programmatic delivery
    • Whitelist Delivering
    • Wide variety of formats available
    PMPs and AnyDigital Premium Marketplace
  • Traffic Quality Control

    Traffic Quality Control

    AnyManager enables you to visualize and analyze

    • Visualization
    • Delivery controls
    • Highly effective delivery
    Traffic Quality Control
  • Inventory Control Center (ICC)

    Inventory Control Center (ICC)

    ICC enables AnyManager users to forecast and manage ad inventory without having to access Google Ad Manager, allowing platform users to accurately forecast inventory fill and drive sales to sales representatives and team members who do not have access to Google Ad Manager.

    • Login to Google Ad Manager not required
    • User authority control
    Inventory Control Center (ICC)
  • Social Media Account Management Dashboard

    Social Media Account Management Dashboard

    AnyManager users can easily tap on a tool that provides in-depth analytics for social media, providing insight into follower trends and post performance in one glance. There are also add-ons for competitor analysis, tag/trend analysis and follower analysis.

    • Social media account management
    • Discovery of core fans
    • Understand strengths and weaknesses through competitor analysis
    • Hashtag and trend analysis
    Social Media Account Management Dashboard
  • E-commerce site build and operations

    E-commerce site build and operations

    Tap on AnyMind Group's resources to build, operate, support and improve your e-commerce channels through advertising and logistics.

    • Site and social media analytics
    • Core e-commerce infrastructure
    • Logistics and customer support
    E-commerce site build and operations

Media & App growth Platform