Logistics Management Platform

  • About AnyLogi

    Logistics Management Platform for D2C Businesses

    AnyLogi is an end-to-end solution that enables D2C and e-commerce brands with fulfillment through our international network of e-commerce and logistics partners.

  • Cooperation with partners

    Highly functional and intuitive dashboard

    Easily obtain real-time information such as orders, receipts, storage and shipping. Actual inventory count is automatically reflected on your e-commerce channels, reducing time spent on daily logistics operations.

    • Real-time status updates on orders, receipts, storage and shipping
    • Automatic inventory updates for integrated e-commerce stores
    Cooperation with partners
  • Receiving and shipping instructions and inventory control

    Product Packaging

    Even though logistics can often be seen as a cost center, it can be also used to drive increased customer satisfaction. With AnyLogi, you can use your own or customized packaging material that matches your brand strategy, and include marketing materials like postcards based on your sales strategy.

    • Use your own packaging that fits your own brand
    • Create custom packaging
    Receiving and shipping instructions and inventory control
  • Customer Support

    Extensive offerings through an international partner network

    We offer a variety of features that enable you to utilize our e-commerce and logistics partners including managing products by lot, expiration date, various storage types, etc. Products not picked up by customers are automatically sent back to the warehouse and recorded as inventory.

    • Manage inventory by batch, expiry date and storage conditions
    • Seamless return process by automatically sending packages back to warehouses
    Customer Support
  • Data-based improvement proposals

    Cross-border logistics and support

    Easily implement logistics strategies through AnyLogi's local and international partners. You will also be assigned a dedicated consultant to address any needs.

    • Logistics strategies for both domestic and overseas fulfillment
    • A dedicated representative will be assigned to your company
    Data-based improvement proposals
  • Shopify integration

    Shopify integration

    Through the Shopify App Store integration, merchants can easily solve key challenges in logistics by tapping on an intuitive management dashboard and network of logistics partners across the region, making it easy for anyone to expand their business.

    • Just install the application and start shipping products to partnered warehouses
    • Automate shipping and inbound operations, and central management of multiple stores
    Shopify integration
Logistics Management Platform