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Platform for customer engagement to maximize buying opportunities

AnyChat helps you develop customers into more engaged fans by maximizing the value provided to customers through collection, analysis and utilization of purchase data.

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CRM operations from CX improvement to LTV maximization through centralized management and visualisation of purchase data.

  • Centralized chat management

    Centralized management and visualization of customers' purchase history and conversation data for a customized purchasing experience.

    Centralized chat management
  • Real-time delivery of promotions

    Efficiently deliver the latest offers through simultaneous distribution of promotions to large customer segments.

    Real-time delivery of promotions
  • Automated workflows

    Motivate prospects to buy with workflows for marketing automation.

    Automated workflows
  • Data utilization for e-commerce

    Eliminate complexity and cost of system integration by using AnyChat to easily deliver content optimized to customer preferences.

    Data utilization for e-commerce

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