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AnyMind Careers: Influencer Marketing in Vietnam

We speak with Nguyen Duc Duy, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager in AnyMind Group, Vietnam. He shares with us what it is like working in the Influencer Marketing team, the best thing about working in AnyMind Group, as well as the knowledge and skills that an Influencer Marketing professional needs to have.

How long have you been working in AnyMind Group? What is the reason that you chose to join the company?

I started working at AnyMind Group in December 2018, and it’s been 3 and a half years now. Initially, I chose AnyMind because I knew this was a young, dynamic and new company in the Vietnam market, so I would definitely have many opportunities to learn and develop. At that time, influencer marketing was also a relatively new communication channel in Vietnam, so I was curious about this field. With the desire to learn more and gain more knowledge and skills, I chose AnyMind and I always believe this is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

How is your typical workday?

I start my day by checking email and messages from KOLs. Let me explain more about the Influencer Marketing team in Vietnam – in short, we work with KOLs and influencers, especially for campaigns by brands that require a more unique approach. Apart from the AnyTag platform that stitches everything together, there is also another team that works in parallel with us called Team Account, which works with marketers for their influencer marketing strategies.

Usually, at the beginning of the day, we will list what we need to finish on that day, check our email and follow up with KOLs for any quotations, explain to KOLs when they don’t understand the product or brand, and manage work items. At work, we frequently discuss with each other various working processes with KOLs. Our team loves bonding together, so we often joke or chat during the process, and at lunch or dinner, we often invite each other for meals. The goal is to boost the energy to work.

What are the difficulties that you are facing?

When working, no matter how well you prepare, there will definitely be difficulties, especially when we work with KOLs. Sometimes they also have personal problems that affect their work or sometimes send back finished products that are not what we want, then we must be a partner to understand and find solutions with them to solve the problems quickly and thoroughly.

How can you overcome these difficulties?

For me, the first thing is to calm down and observe and analyze the situation. The second is to work together to find a solution by calling/texting/email to share our thoughts openly at that time and both parties must have goodwill to find a resolution in order to have a solution. Although I understand it’s difficult, calmness and positive energy will help you a lot if you have difficulties at work.

What is the best thing when working at AnyMind group?

For me AnyMind is an ideal environment for young people because there is creativity, friendliness, and youthfulness in a very GenZ way, no matter what age you are. My colleagues and my boss are the ones who create this wonderful environment. They always accompany you, always give you the opportunity to grow and shine, and above all, they are willing to just sit and work with you while you’re running a deadline just to encourage you.

What are the knowledge/ skills that an Influencer Marketing Executive needs to have?

Knowledge and skills are important when doing anything, but for me, the job as Influencer Marketing Executive also requires sophistication. In terms of knowledge, you need to have the basic knowledge of marketing, marketing terms and know how to classify Influencer/KOC/KOC Groups, and know the standards of how social media platforms operate. In terms of skills, I think the most important skills are communication, presentation, critical thinking, and time management. Besides, as I share, because KOLs/influencers are creative and artistic people, they sometimes need a flair to understand and work with them most effectively.

What message do you want to send to your future teammates?

I think this industry is very attractive but like many other jobs, there will still be difficulties. This job is not easy but it is fun because there are a lot of lessons you can learn every day. If you are a GenZ who wants to explore and gain more knowledge and skills, don’t hesitate to join the exciting journey with interesting people at AnyMind Group.

Hear more about his story through the video below!

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