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Creator Growth

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How it's like working in AnyMind's Creator Growth Team in Indonesia

Can you explain what the Creator Growth department is like?

Maryo: The Creator Growth department is divided into two teams, Creator Optimization (CO) team and Creator Engagement (CE) team.

Yonathan: The CO team focuses on developing channels for YouTube creators and optimizing video and channel performance to maximize the potential of the platform and increase creators’ revenue. They achieve this by improving the quality of metadata, such as titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. These improvements can be suggested to creators for implementation or directly updated by the team through YouTube’s Content Management System (CMS).

The team aims to enhance performance metrics like views, watch time, and engagement, which in turn contribute to increased revenue for creators through AdSense. Additionally, the CO team collaborates closely with the creative team to provide content suggestions to creators. They also work closely with the regional YouTube team to troubleshoot technical issues faced by creators within our network.

Maryo: The CE team plays a crucial role in identifying and recruiting new creators to join our creator network. Additionally, they work in collaboration with the influencer marketing team to bring brand collaboration opportunities to creators signed up with us.

These brand deals encompass a wide range of opportunities, such as sponsored content, product placements, ambassadorships, and various forms of collaboration between creators and brands. Our goal is to assist creators in monetizing their influence, enhancing their exposure, and potentially fostering long-term relationships with brands.

Do you have any internal routine activities in the Creator Growth team?

Yonathan: We hold weekly sync-ups to ensure that everyone is updated on the progress and to address any issues that may arise. Regular internal communication and collaboration play a vital role in maintaining a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Maryo: We arrange meetings with creators who have signed to our network, as we’re committed to building and nurturing relationships over the long-term. These meetings provide a platform for direct communication, feedback, and an opportunity to discuss collaboration opportunities, campaign briefs, as well as any specific requirements or concerns raised by the creators.

How is the division of tasks in the Creator Growth department usually done?

Yonathan: Each channel will have a dedicated representative from both the CO and CE teams, and creators can contact the respective PICs from the Creator Growth team whenever necessary. Among the total number of creators in our creator network, an equal distribution will be made between the PICs of CE’s team. In cases where the CE team wishes to approach a specific creator or channel, the CO team will prepare an appropriate offering for the creator. Likewise, when a brand deal is secured for a creator, a representative from the CE team assists in monitoring the campaign to ensure its successful delivery.

Maryo: Creators who are part of the AnyCreator network can indeed discover various campaigns through the AnyCreator app. The app enables creators to have access to a wide range of campaign opportunities from various brands and marketers. They can browse through available campaigns and discover those that align with their interests, niche, and target audience.

How does the team find solutions when facing a challenge?

Yonathan: Both teams will offer advice to address the issue and engage in discussions to determine the most suitable course of action. If necessary, the CG team may consult the regional team for references and case examples to support their decision-making process.

What experiences have you gained while working at AnyMind Group?

Yonathan: AnyMind Group operates across 13 markets in Asia and beyond, and every market is willing to help and support each other. In addition, if we ever encounter new challenges, the collective knowledge and support from colleagues in different markets can be invaluable.

Maryo: At AnyMind Group, we have a highly-collaborative nature and cross-departmental support. This collaboration between divisions can also result in the development of standardized processes, tools, and frameworks that benefit all teams.

Watch the video below for the full interview!

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