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How it's like working in AnyMind's Account Strategy Team in Indonesia

Perks of being part of Account Strategy team in Indonesia

Can you explain what the Account Strategy department is like?

At AnyMind Group, Account Strategy falls under the Digital Marketing business to support the business development team. For clients who prefer a more catered approach, we help them with the execution of paid digital media campaigns on platforms such as our own proprietary platforms such as AnyDigital Premium Marketplace and POKKT, but also 3rd-party platforms too when needed. This includes supporting programmatic ads from campaign setup, optimization, troubleshooting, reporting to analysis, and we also have a target to achieve KPIs in each campaign and be able to maximize the outcome.

Do you have any internal routine activities in the Account Strategy team?

Definitely, especially when it comes to campaign monitoring, where we are doing it every morning before 10 a.m. to make sure the performance on the previous day went well. For internal discussions, we have weekly discussions directly with our country manager, and bi-weekly for the internal team to discuss bigger issues. But mostly we always brainstorm together case by case.

How is the division of tasks in the Account Strategy department usually done?

As for the distribution of tasks, my main responsibilities as a manager are to oversee and supervise all campaigns, and to create core strategies for existing and prospective clients. Sasha, as a senior executive, helps me to lead the team in campaign creation, share knowledge, and mainly handle clients from specific industries such as beauty and FMCG. Epril mostly handles 3rd-party platform campaigns for conversion funnel for clients in the automotive and insurance industries. Indi handles a lot of programmatic ads and then finally there is Rafly whose role is more of a hybrid besides handling campaigns and also working on data analysis.

How does the team find solutions when facing a challenge?

The work in the Account Strategy department is mostly related to platforms and systems, meaning that the preparation phase such as the setup process is one of the most crucial things. So, we try to prevent issues before they happen. But if there is a problem, we have to immediately identify what kind of case it is, check where the optimization error is, and find the solution based on the case. We also try to stay updated (one of the main values at AnyMind) regarding digital marketing developments through webinars, certifications, or case studies because in my personal opinion, our team should be the first to receive the updates and we will share them with related teams, especially for client-facing departments such as Business Development and Account Management teams.

What experiences have you gained while working at AnyMind Group?

Andhika: The most memorable thing is definitely being able to work with colleagues at AnyMind who are diverse and have their own areas of expertise so besides working, we can also learn from each other. The opportunity to explore more things and network with external partners, which are 3rd-party platforms, is one of the valuable experiences while working here at AnyMind Group.

Sasha: Of course, the experience of working with many well-known brands from all industries. Starting from FMCG, Finance, F&B, Beauty, and others. Personally, I am interested in the beauty industry in Indonesia, so to be able to work with one of the well-known beauty brands in Indonesia which is also one of my favorite brands is a very valuable and enjoyable experience.

Watch the video below for the full interview!

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