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How it's like working in AnyMind's Digital Account Management Team in Indonesia

Can you explain what the Digital Account Management is like?

Daiva: We are a group of people with different backgrounds who focus on helping our clients to maximize the value of our digital marketing technology, improving visibility, driving impact, and offering creative solutions to modern marketing and advertising challenges.

How is the division of tasks in the Digital Account Management department usually done?

Guri: The department is structured around two main functions. The first one is the creative strategy, which comprises teams specializing in strategy, art direction, and social media. The second function is account management. Within the creative strategy, the focus is on planning and brainstorming ideas based on client briefs. On the other hand, account management plays a vital role in project management, overseeing the implementation of these ideas, and handling client communications.

Do you have any internal routine activities in the Digital Account Management team?

Daniel: Of course! Every week, the Creative Strategic team and Account Management team sync with each team to update and discuss all the projects that we handled. Besides that, we usually brainstorm together to find an excellent solution for our client’s needs.

Sofi: Aside from regular syncs, we have lunch together to chat more about our personal life. That’s what makes us get to know each other better.

How does the team find solutions when facing a challenge?

Daiva: Having a team with diverse backgrounds and various fields certainly leads us to different opinions and perspectives. However, it is precisely this diversity of viewpoints that enriches our way of thinking. To address this, we focus on “Be Open” as one of the core values embraced by AnyMind Group, which encourages us to consider all opinions. This value drives us to be more attentive listeners as a way of showing respect for each opinion. As a leader, I always encourage the team to listen with curiosity and speak honestly because, in the end, we are a team, and we row the same boat together. We believe that the greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply but for what’s behind the words. By believing in this value, we are not just becoming a solid team, but we keep leveling up our capability, as good listeners are good learners.

Guri: Typically, we gather together for collaborative discussions to seek and discover solutions. Additionally, we conduct brainstorming sessions where we collect all ideas and make decisions on which ones have the potential to become viable solutions.

What experiences have you gained while working at AnyMind Group?

Guri: I have quite a lot to share! Firstly, AnyMind offers a different experience compared to my previous workplace, which mainly comprised well-established agencies in the industry. With AnyMind, there is also the added value of our own technology. Despite being relatively young, AnyMind has provided me with the best working experience due to its numerous dependable departments that work cohesively. Additionally, the freedom of expression here is exceptional, thanks to streamlined processes that give everyone an opportunity to voice their opinions and share ideas. This is quite different from conventional/senior agencies where it’s often challenging for ideas to be heard. In summary, working at AnyMind is both enjoyable and stimulating in a positive way.

Dika: Working with a technology company like AnyMind Group is a revelation. From the creative’s point of view, we do the process in-house, from creative ideation, implementation, and media works. We even nurtured some influencers and creators in-house. It makes coordination more fast because we all work under the same roof.

Daniel: AnyMind Group is such a great place to work. This company allows me to showcase my skill and freedom of expression. With the help of many experienced colleagues, I could grow so much here.

Sofi: It’s my first time to have a role as a manager and I feel blessed that I surrounded myself with a great team. At AnyMind, especially in this team, I have a chance to express myself and make a decision, not only as the leader but also as the team member. Aside from that, AnyMind has provided me with the best working experience due to its numerous dependable departments that work cohesively.

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