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How is it like working in AnyMind's Corporate Team in Indonesia

Can you explain what the Corporate department is like?

Devi: As the Finance team, our primary responsibility is to manage all aspects related to Finance, Accounting, Tax, and Administration. At a broader level, our team is responsible for managing the company’s finances, ensuring that the company has sustainable access to cash. We also serve as business partners, collaborating with other departments both within and outside the company.

Our team is guided by our company’s values of “Be Open”, “Be Bold”, “Move Faster”, “Stay Updated”, and “Achieve Together”. These values hold significant importance for all members of the Finance team.

Deddy: Our team is entrusted with the task of managing and supporting an organization’s most valuable asset: its employees. We are responsible for recruitment process, HR operational tasks, and culture development. We also work closely with all employees to ensure that they embody the company’s values, mission, and culture.

Desy: Corporate Operations oversees and is in charge of providing services to multiple departments to ensure the business runs smoothly both administratively and in terms of managing routines and projects. We help the team and organization assess costs, efficiency, and logistics to make the task easy and well-prepared.

Yunnie: In the Communications department of AnyMind Group, our role is to oversee all incoming and outgoing company information. Our responsibilities include the distribution of press releases, coordination of events, and management of both internal and external communications across multiple channels. Operating as a remote team, we have dedicated communication team members in each of the major countries where we operate. We maintain close collaboration with the Country Managers in every respective country to ensure effective and localized communication.

Do you have any internal routine activities in Corporate department?

Devi: Yes, we conduct monthly meetings, but they are far from ordinary. In these meetings, one team member is tasked with delivering a presentation on various topics, which may or may not be related to finance matters. This practice serves as a valuable learning opportunity to boost your confidence in public speaking. It’s worth noting that many Finance team members typically work behind the scenes, so this platform helps us develop this important skill.

Deddy: Engaging in working, brainstorming, and taking action are essential activities. We work for variable day-to-day tasks (Onboarding to Offboarding process) + being a business partner to the team, then brainstorming; to generate creative ideas and innovative solutions to address these challenges and improve HR processes and assign responsibilities to team members to execute the initiatives quickly and effectively. By doing this, we aim to #AchieveTogether.

Desy: We always sync up weekly to update and assess what we already do to make sure the operations run properly now and in the future. Besides that, we have our internal communications to stay updated daily.

Yunnie: We conduct weekly global meetings where each member shares market updates. Additionally, we individually sync with our regional head on a weekly basis. Beyond that, we hold a bonding and sharing session every Friday to enhance our interpersonal connections since in-person meetings are infrequent due to our remote setup.

How is the division of tasks in Corporate department usually done?

Devi: While we do have well-defined roles for each team member, teamwork is our core principle. In our team, we don’t confine ourselves solely to our designated roles. After team members become proficient in their initial roles, we often rotate responsibilities. For instance, members of the Accounts Payable team might switch to the Accounts Receivable team, and vice versa. This approach ensures that all team members continuously have the chance to explore new responsibilities and gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

Deddy: I oversee HR operations as a daily routine task as I encourage my team to also be an HR Business Partner who works closely with the business leaders. Novient does HR operational tasks, such as payroll, performance management, offboarding, and being involved in the recruitment process when needed, as well as well-being activities. Duto, focuses on recruitment, and executing the hiring needs of our Indonesia office and includes receiving hiring requests, pipelining, and interviewing candidates, to finalizing the offer.

Desy: We understand that the team has different characteristics, and we manage the team based on that, on a daily basis, we have Dita who helps with daily task requests from the team, Pak Ahmad who standby for delivery documents and packing for our campaign, Pak Akbar who always stands for cleanliness around office area and we have new member Rahmat who just join us recently to complete our department, as our local team grows bigger. We believe with teamwork we can be one and make the company achieve its goals. We also make different time schedules so everyone can learn and gain something within our or other departments.

Yunnie: Every member of the communication team is accountable for overseeing marketing and communication tasks specific to their assigned country. These responsibilities involve coordinating with the regional team’s guidance. We are also collaborating across departments, making sure all pieces of information that need to be shared are in line.

How does the team find solutions when facing a challenge?

Ria: As an independent department, our commitment is to ensure that any solution we propose is fair to everyone. While it’s not always an easy task, we consistently strive to overcome challenges in line with our policies and regulations.

Deddy: We are always working together to overcome challenges even if it’s very difficult. I know Duto and Novient have problem-solving capabilities and offer innovative solutions. The best thing is they always offer assistance to each other, so we navigate challenges successfully.

Desy: When we face a challenge, we try to remain calm, assess the problem together, and seek what is the best reaction and act for the problem. We take every challenge as an opportunity to achieve company goals and turn the problem into the experience that we learn as our case study in the internal department.

Yunnie: Our team engages in daily communication using official internal channels. We maintain a supportive stance, always ready to assist one another whenever needed. This proactive approach is rooted in our commitment to “Stay Updated” & “Be Open”. By staying informed about developments in other markets, we’re better equipped to address any arising issues.

What experiences have you gained while working at AnyMind Group?

Ria: There’s always the first experience for the finance and administration team, but the most interesting experience is working for an IPO Company. We’ve been preparing for this process and finally, we got there.

Novient: Since I have been with the company for six years, I have a lot of experience! I have an opportunity to collaborate with the Regional team to discuss initiatives and case studies from each country that could be used as examples for implementation.

I am happy to open communication and actively listen to employees’ concerns, suggestions, or feedback and find solutions to their problems. Also, I’m involved with the Country Manager in discussions, especially about our employees, and have opportunities to provide insight.

Desy: Working with a team that includes Gen Z members, who naturally embody youth, creativity, and an open-minded perspective, has been both enjoyable and challenging. This experience has been new and unique for me during my time at AnyMind Group. Time has flown by, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve already been with the company for four years.

Yunnie: I have been working at AnyMind Group for four years, I’ve undergone significant personal and professional growth. Notably, I’ve improved my decision-making skills and cultivated the ability to collaborate effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. The company, alongside my manager’s guidance, has provided me with the chance to propose and execute initiatives as independent projects. In the event of success, these endeavors have the potential to establish new benchmarks. Even if we encounter setbacks, such experiences serve as opportunities for learning and refining ideas to achieve better results.

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