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AnyMind Careers: Business Development in Vietnam

We speak with Nguyen Minh Hung, a Senior Business Development professional in AnyMind Group, Vietnam. Having worked here for three years, he shares with us what it is like working in the Business Development team, the best thing about working in AnyMind Group, as well as the knowledge and skills that a Business Development professional needs to have.

How long have you been working in AnyMind Group? What is the reason that you chose to join the company?

I have been working in AnyMind Group for more than three and a half years. It’s been a long time since I worked here so I don’t remember the reason why I chose AnyMind in the first place, but the reason for me to stay is that the company continuously introduces new products, from digital marketing, influencer marketing, e-commerce management to platforms for creators and publishers. The more I work at AnyMind, the more knowledge I can learn to develop myself better.

How is your typical workday?

As a member of the Business Development team, I actually do a lot of tasks.

The first task is finding potential customers for the company. For this task, it’s not as simple as using existing relationships or searching for contacts on the Internet, but you have to research what clients really need so that you can provide the best and the most suitable products from AnyMind Group to them.

Additionally, a Business Development Executive has to lead the project’s pitching phase. It means that you have to stay updated about the project’s progress from the internal teams to present clients with the best proposal.

What are the difficulties that you are facing?

I believe that no matter what you do, you will encounter certain difficulties. As Business Development, perhaps the hardest thing is… win clients?

In order to win a client, especially a large client, you need to put a lot of effort into finding clients, contacting them at the right time when they have a project to do, preparing proposals, and fulfilling their other requirements to become the most suitable partner. However, the feeling when winning a client or a project always gives me a lot of excitement, and it compensates for all the effort that I put in.

How can you overcome these difficulties?

The most important thing is trying to think positively, because you can’t always win the clients or the projects you want, so it’s necessary to find the motivation to keep moving.

Additionally, no matter what positions you work in, there are times that you feel pressure about the workload and the problems arising in the working process. Trying hard and thinking positively will help you overcome these difficulties.

What is the best thing when working at AnyMind group?

As I said at the beginning, AnyMind Group continuously has new products since the day the company was established. While working here, I can get updated with new information and knowledge to support my work.

Additionally, the working environment at AnyMind is the thing that I think most people, especially young people will like. Even though AnyMind Group is a global company, we always open opportunities for all employees to express their opinions and abilities to contribute to the work. So the working environment here will be a bonus point.

What are the knowledge/ skills that a Business Development Executive needs to have?

The first thing is knowledge about the industry, but if you have a passion to learn, AnyMind is a very good environment for you to learn new skills and knowledge.

In addition, as a member of the Business Development team, you will have to communicate a lot with both customers and internal teams; therefore, communication is also a vital skill that you should have.

The last thing is hard work. I believe that no matter what job you do, if you try your best, you will achieve the results you want.

What message do you want to send to your future teammates?

Business Development is not merely doing sales. The Business Development position at AnyMind Group will help you gain both useful knowledge and skill sets. When working at AnyMind Group, your skills and knowledge will be improved every single day. Hope to work with you soon in the Business Development team!

Hear more about his story through the video below!

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