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[Tech Blog] Python Libraries for humans

If you are a software engineer or a python programmer to be specific, you’re more likely to have used several libraries and open source projects. And pretty sure, some of them catches your attention and fascinated with how powerful, and it makes your life so much easier!

I’m Patrick, a software engineer from AnyMind Group. And in this article, I want to share some interesting and powerful python libraries. These libraries have been our "go-to", and acted as heroes when we are in need 😀

Python Libraries

As the saying goes, "We don’t need to reinvent the wheel". Being resourceful is a skill a programmer needs as this will save a lot of time creating complex functions and features that is already been done by the past programmers.
Disclaimer: please dont be triggered if your favorite libraries is not mentioned! ^^

Lets start!

1. Pandas doc

The main question is if panda and snake can be together? The answer is an absolute yes! Pandas is one of the powerful python libraries that can solve complex data structures. Anything complex, just talk to the panda. Data manipulation has never been easy hand is being used today for modern data science and machine learning.
I’ve been using this library for a while now having DataFrames, merging and joining datasets. and there’s more to explore! Just give it a try. I mean, who does not love pandas right?

2. Peewee doc

This library is interesting and has caught my eye. It provides an ORM to python vanilla projects and projects that is not using any framework. Simple is better than complex.

3. Requests doc

From the tagline: "HTTP for Humans" . This library makes all HTTP requests simpler even for non-tech savvy people. Feed the library couple of data — url, headers and parameters and tadah! You got yourself a http request. It also handles errors quite well and has become one of the most popular python library. No need to add query strings manually to your url! Integrating third party APIs, this library saved me a lot of time and provide cool features too!

4. Beautiful Soup doc

If the topic is web scraping, this is one of the popular libraries available. Its simple, intuitive and easy to use. Not much to elaborate with this library. Let the library do the talking!

5. PrettyErrors doc

How happy do you think the developers will be if you don’t need to scroll for a kilogram of tracebacks just to see a typo or simple errors? This library transforms the cryptic stack traces to colored readable output and you can find your error in a glance! This is helpful specially for new developers.
How cool was that :O

6. NumPy doc

Having trouble with complex scientific calculations? This could be the library for you! It also supports powerful N- dimensional arrays and complex computations. Give this library a chance and you’ll see.

7. PyGame doc

The best and popular of them all. This library is cross-platform and give game developers convenient features, portability and many more! Enough said, try and discover it for yourself.

Special Mentions

Yes machine learning and data science peeps! Calm down, I don’t forget the cool libraries you have provided too! I myself am interested in these libraries specially anything related to machine learning. But Im no expert or wizard when it comes to machine learning but I want to learn and create cool apps in the near future!


Python Libraries helps us developers to not create repetitive codes/features that is already existing. It save us time, and have more convenience. And most specially, it helps us connect to more developers and make the python/programmer community better and progressive.
I hope to contribute and create at least one cool library that can help the community as well! (hopefully more)

Kudos to the devs that make all this cool libraries possible!!

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