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UUUM creator Silk Road from Fischer’s taps on AnyMind’s platforms to launch D2C craft beer brand SAKASUKI

The creator D2C brand is a result of collaboration between UUUM and AnyMind Group, and will launch on August 19, 2023

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, together with UUUM, a Japan-based multi-channel network and a leader in creator management and content marketing, have today announced that UUUM’s exclusive creator Fischer’s Silk Road has launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) craft beer brand, SAKASUKI, by tapping on AnyMind Group’s platforms for D2C including AnyX, AnyChat, AnyLogi, and AnyFactory. SAKASUKI will launch on August 19, 2023, on the official SAKASUKI online store.

Fischer’s is one of Japan’s leading creators, with a YouTube channel with over 8.1 million subscribers and more than 16 billion total views. Amongst Fischer’s, Silk Road, the leader of the group, has over 1 million subscribers on his personal channel “ロードシルク.”

Fischer’s has a history of releasing merchandise such as parkas and t-shirts targeted at fans, with products often selling out on the day of release. Silk Road’s collaboration project “〜酔いどれ YouTuberのほんね〜” on his personal channel “ロードシルク” involves discussions and honest conversations over drinks with various YouTubers, making it a popular series.

For SAKASUKI, Silk Road personally participated in tastings to develop a craft beer brand with exceptional attention to detail. Through a partnership between UUUM and AnyMind, a collaborative project utilizing the capabilities of UUUM’s group company P2C Studio and AnyMind’s platforms, including AnyX, AnyFactory, AnyLogi, and AnyChat, was established to cover aspects such as planning, design, production, e-commerce site construction, and logistics. This partnership has culminated in the successful launch of this brand.

The inaugural product, “SAKASUKI CRAFT,” is a refreshing craft beer designed to be enjoyed after a bath or sauna. It blends premium Pilsner malt from Saga Prefecture with aromatic Saaz hops, undergoing meticulous fermentation to deliver the rich aroma and crisp finish unique to Saga Prefecture malt.

Distinguished by its dry and sharp flavor profile, “SAKASUKI CRAFT” features a lively effervescence that brings a refreshing sensation, making it an ideal choice for post-bath or post-sauna relaxation. Indulge in moments of pure bliss with “SAKASUKI CRAFT.”

Product Details


Category: Beer
Ingredients: Malt (produced in Saga Prefecture), Hops
Alcohol Content: 5%
Contents: 330ml x 6 bottles
Price: 5,720 yen (tax inclusive)
Delivery scheduled for late August to early September.

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