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AnyMind Group powers D2C skincare brand NaturaLUNA… to launch face mist and body cream products for its first anniversary

Sales of the products will start on 10 October 2022 from 4.30 PM Japan Standard Time

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that D2C skincare brand NaturaLUNA… will be launching two new products to commemorate its one-year anniversary. NaturaLUNA… is powered by AnyMind Group’s end-to-end technology from e-commerce management through AnyX to manufacturing (AnyFactory), logistics management (AnyLogi) and conversational commerce (AnyChat).

 The first product in this lineup is a face mist, a mist-type lotion containing micronized squalane oil, and the second product is a body cream that has a gentle vanilla scent. The primary ingredient for both products is made from the same squalane ingredient found in the brand’s flagship product, Botanical Squalane Oil, and also includes 100% naturally derived ingredients. Both products will be made available on theofficial NaturaLUNA… online store from 4.30 PM on 10 October 2022.

NaturaLUNA… is the brainchild of multi-talented TV personality and content creator, Becky, and the brand’s philosophy is to focus on naturally derived ingredients that draw out the skin’s natural power.

On the launch of the new products, Becky said: “We are very proud of our new products! The body cream is made from natural ingredients and it’s a pity that the fragrance cannot be smelled from your phone screen, but the gentle and sweet fragrance is really wonderful and soothing. The face mist is also a complete skincare product that only needs to be combined with the signature squalane oil. There is no need for expensive creams, and these products are also made from 100% natural ingredients, so you can use them with peace of mind. Of course, it’s also good even for children! We have put our hearts and souls into these products so that everyone can be healed by the fragrance in their hectic days, and can take care of their skin to their satisfaction in as short a time as possible!”

Product lineup

Squalane Face Mist
A mist-like lotion containing micronized squalane oil for moisture-rich skin

Price: ¥3,980 (tax inclusive) / Volume: 80ml

The product’s ingredients are 100% naturally derived, and are designed to be gentle on delicate skin. After extensive research and testing, a lotion that is gentle to sensitive skin and contains only naturally derived ingredients was developed.

In the making of the face mist, the squalane oil is micronized and blended into the lotion, making it easy to penetrate into the skin and protect skin moisture. The Squalane Face Mist contains naturally derived beauty ingredients such as tsujokusa leaf extract, which prevents rough skin, sugar squalane, a registered trademark of Nikko Chemicals Co., licorice root extract, and Trehalose.

Body Cream (Vanilla)
A body cream scented with naturally derived vanilla that leads to baby-like skin
Price: ¥4,480 (tax inclusive) / Volume: 300g

A gel-like cream with a soft and supple texture that can be used by the entire family, the Body Cream contains 100% natural ingredients for all skin types from children to adults. Although difficult to create a stable and soft feeling with 100% naturally derived ingredients, after many prototypes and tests, a plump cream that moisturizes the whole body with a less sticky feel was developed.

This product is rich in squalane, which is highly compatible with human skin and has excellent moisturizing power. The vanilla fragrance soothes the skin and is derived from natural sources.

This product is available for pre-order and delivery in late November.

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