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Thai kickboxer Buakaw collaborates with Rolling Loud Thailand to launch limited-edition apparel collection

First-of-its-kind collaboration between Buakaw and Rolling Loud Thailand

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced that world-renowned Thai kickboxer Buakaw, has launched a limited edition apparel collection in collaboration with international music festival, Rolling Loud.

This is the first time both parties have collaborated, which sees the launch of co-branded items including t-shirts, hats, long-sleeved shirts and Muay Thai shorts, which are exclusively available on Rolling Loud Thailand’s Lazada and Shopee stores, and collaboration store.

In addition, Atlanta rapper, singer, and songwriter Brooklyn Candida Rodriguez (also known as Bktherula) performed onstage at Rolling Loud Thailand decked out in apparel from this collection.

For the launch of these products, Buakaw tapped into various platforms within AnyMind Group’s Brand Commerce offerings to plan, create and launch the products.

AnyMind Group’s offerings are categorized into two spaces: Brand Commerce and Partner Growth.

Under Brand Commerce, platforms include AnyX for e-commerce management, AnyFactory for manufacturing, AnyShop for e-commerce enablement, AnyLogi for logistics management, AnyChat for conversational commerce, AnyTag for influencer marketing and AnyDigital for digital marketing.

Partner Growth platforms include AnyManager for publishers and AnyCreator for influencers and content creators.

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