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AnyMind Group empowers Taiwanese influencer duo Marc and Mary to launch their own 2022 calendar, reaching NT$1,000,000 in product sales in less than 24 hours

To date, sales of the product have reached NT$2,563,834

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform, has today announced that the company’s collaboration with Taiwanese duo, Marc and Mary, to create and launch a calendar for 2022 titled “Ma-li,” reached over NT$1,000,000 (US$36,600) in product sales in less than 24 hours. The duo are hosts and emcees of Taiwan’s major events and awards, and they were also DJs of a well-known radio program. They now have their own YouTube channel and audio podcast, both named “Dear Marcy.”

In less than a day from the product’s launch on 10 November 2021, sales of the “Ma-li” calendar had reached over NT$1,000,000 (approximately US$36,600).To date, sales of the product have reached NT$2,579,818 (approximately US$93,836.32). Tapping on AnyMind Group’s D2C for Influencers programme, Marc and Mary leveraged on offerings from product planning and manufacturing to selling and order fulfilment.

The “Ma-li” calendar is a product that both Marc and Mary had wanted to create for a long time, but did not have access to tools and expertise to do so. Each page of the calendar contains Mary’s hand-drawn characters and paired with the duo’s unique style of satire commentary.

On the collaboration, Marc and Mary said, “We wanted to have a unique calendar that is full of our own personal style and different from calendars that already exist in the market. We really appreciate what AnyMind Group has brought to the table, enabling us to create our envisioned product in such a short time and let “Ma-li” accompany our fans in 2022.”

Wing Lee, Taiwan Country Manager, AnyMind Group, said: “The creator economy has entered an era of influencer brand building. Apart from content creation, influencers need to start thinking of turning their influence into a brand and create longer-term sustainability in their careers. The success of “Ma-li” is not only about generating eye-catching sales figures, but also how we’re turning creators’ ideas into reality through our suite of products.”

With the rise of the creator economy, influencers and content creators are looking for more ways to better connect with fans and followers. AnyMind Group’s suite of commerce enablement tools including AnyFactory (cloud manufacturing), AnyShop (e-commerce enablement) and AnyLogi (logistics management), along with tools for analytics, monetization, digital marketing and influencer marketing, provide the infrastructure for next-generation commerce – enabling businesses, publishers and influencers with current and new ways of doing business. The company has helped a wide range of influencers across Asia to create their own brands and products, from apparel and accessories to cosmetics, perfumes, outdoor gears and even craft beers.

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