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AnyMind Group’s adds automated shipping information translation functionality for AnyLogi by tapping on ChatGPT API

Co-developed through the AnyMind LLM Lab, the new AnyLogi feature automatically translates shipping address information into English from all languages, enabling significant reduction in man-hours needed and reducing translation errors

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced a new feature on its international shipping platform, AnyLogi, which automatically translates delivery address, name, and other information into English for overseas delivery. This feature was developed by leveraging the ChatGPT API, and reflects the translated information on shipping labels and commercial invoices, significantly reducing translation errors and man-hours needed for translation.

As address format differs by country and region, a direct translation by a general translation service may result in incorrect formatting or translations. As a result, ChatGPT was chosen for this integration, as it is able to correctly determine various parts of an address and names of unique places. For example, a place in Japan called “Ichinohe” (一戸) may be incorrectly translated by a general translation service as “one-household,” but ChatGPT is able to recognize the name of the place and accurately translates it to “Ichinohe.”

The AnyLogi development team collaborated with the AnyMind LLM Lab, a research team that looks to implement and/or develop large-scale language modeling technology for new functionality on the company’s proprietary platforms.

With a majority of international shipping companies only providing support for English on shipping labels and commercial invoices, businesses that are looking to expand into new markets or cross-border deliveries are required to manually translate such information. On the other hand, non-English speaking end-consumers can find it a challenge to input information in English, which could lead to mistakes in the entry of shipping address information such as addresses and names.

AnyLogi is an automated international shipping platform built for e-commerce businesses. Not only is AnyLogi connected to various domestic and overseas e-commerce platforms and shipping services, but it also enables merchants to display shipping costs and tariffs on their sites to increase transparency to end-consumers. In addition, the entire shipping process, including issuing shipping labels and commercial invoices, to requesting pickups, selecting the most apt courier, and more, can be completed on a single interface.

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