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AnyMind Group

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AnyMind Group launches data and AI utilization platform, AnyAI

New offering aims to help enterprises with the implementation of data and AI-related technologies across the business process

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced the launch of AnyAI, an integrated data and artificial intelligence (AI) utilization platform that can be applied across the business process.

AnyAI provides customized data infrastructure tailored to each enterprise’s needs and implements the most optimal AI and large-language model (LLM) technologies based on the latest advancements. This can be further customized for specific needs and workflows of enterprises. AnyAI is then able to securely analyze cross-sectional data from within and outside an organization in a cloud environment, providing users with easy deployment of valuable insights for business and management decisions.

AnyAI will be implemented through AnyMind Group’s BPaaS model, which combines and creates an additional layer of value on top of the company’s software-centric (SaaS) and operations-centric (BPO) offerings. Enterprises can integrate their data into AnyMind’s extensive cross-domain data infrastructure, enabling detailed understanding of business operations and strategic planning through an experience similar to a natural language conversation. AnyAI also integrates seamlessly with AnyMind Group’s extensive suite of proprietary technology such as AnyX for e-commerce management, AnyTag for influencer marketing, and more, enhancing these tools with advanced AI functionalities.

The recent spotlight on the advancement of AI technology has made it crucial for companies to get a headstart on the utilization of such technologies to gain an early competitive advantage. However, implementing systems to enable AI understanding of unique business conditions and ensuring secure data integration remain significant challenges. AnyAI looks to address these challenges by not only providing AI technology but also implementing data collection and utilization infrastructure to support business process innovation whilst transcending language and domain barriers.

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The main functions offered through AnyAI include:

  • Connectors: A tool that connects siloed internal and external data for collection and formatting, and supports over 40 types of inputs including PDFs. Connected data is linked to LLMs in Assistant and Dashboard, improving process efficiency response accuracy and real-time information accuracy flows,
  • Assistant: An AI assistant that responds to user queries by finding and providing necessary information. Users can query in a conversational manner to obtain data-driven insights,
  • Dashboard: A business intelligence tool with AI-generated summaries. Customizable to visualize data based on specific needs and KPIs, making previously challenging data more accessible,
  • GenAI Solutions: AI solutions using diffusion models and video generation technologies to support tasks such as creating brand ambassadors and translating product descriptions, reducing costs and time for output creation.

These functions facilitate a continuous loop of data collection and processing (Connectors), visualization for decision-making (Dashboard), rapid information gathering and opportunity discovery (Assistant), and innovative business solutions that leverage on generative AI (GenAI Solutions), enabling the continuous enhancement of decision-making and accuracy.

AnyAI offers value across different organizational levels:

  • Executives are able to leverage custom dashboards to immediately grasp internal insights at the right granularity, and receive data-backed recommendations from Assistant, improving decision-making accuracy,
  • Managers can speed up decision-making by gathering information directly from the same Assistant, reducing the time spent on information gathering and allowing more focus on strategic thinking,
  • Team members and new employees are able to improve search efficiency and streamline learning processes through Connectors and Assistant, enabling them to focus on high-value tasks through reduced time spent on data aggregation.

On the launch of AnyAI, Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group, said: “AnyAI embodies our mission to make every business borderless, through the smart utilization of technology and data. As LLM democratization progresses, AnyAI, leveraging AnyMind Group’s core competencies, will be a game-changer in Asia’s business landscape. True to our BPaaS business nature and offering, our customers can leverage our proprietary software and data across the business supply chain, in-market networks across APAC and operations teams, whilst maintaining the flexibility and agility to implement new technologies such as AI.”

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