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AnyMind Group launches added capabilities for live commerce through AI-generated live-streamers

These AI-generated live-streamers can be used across Shopee Live, Tokopedia Live, TikTok Shop, and Instagram Live

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced the launch of additional capabilities for live commerce focused on the development, management and analytics of AI-generated live-streamers.

With the increasing popularity of live-streaming and live-shopping in Asia, driven by platforms like TikTok Shop, businesses are now capitalizing on live commerce to deliver compelling, entertaining, and interactive content through various online influencers. However, challenges persist, including the selection and management of suitable influencers, the optimization of live commerce strategies, and the high costs associated with live-streaming equipment.

Businesses can work with AnyMind Group to construct AI-generated live-streamers tailored to match a brand’s image. These virtual personalities can conduct live-streams 24/7, 365 days a year. The company will also work with businesses to design and develop automated responses and scripts delivered by their created AI live-streamers, and leverage on various proprietary platforms to obtain data related to live-streaming, such as AnyX for e-commerce data.

These capabilities extend across social media and e-commerce platforms including Shopee Live, Tokopedia Live, TikTok Shop, and Instagram Live.

AnyMind Group’s existing capabilities for live-streaming include automated responses to comments on Instagram Live and customer data management through conversational commerce platform AnyChat, digital commerce analytics and management for platforms such as TikTok Shop through e-commerce management platform AnyX, and purchase tracking and attribution of influencer-motivated buys through influencer marketing platform AnyTag.

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