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AnyMind Group launches AI-powered YouTube consulting service for creators and enterprises

The service provides creators and enterprises with analysis of thumbnails, video titles, and more, using AI, to drive improvements in quality and efficiency

AnyMind Group, a BPaaS company for marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation, has today announced the launch of a consulting service for creators and enterprises that leverages on artificial intelligence (AI) to perform trend and content analysis on YouTube.

This service supports creators and enterprises to tap on AnyMind Group’s experience in supporting more than 20,000 video projects through AI and the company’s proprietary platforms such as AnyCreator and AnyTag.

Traditionally, video creators have to spend time and effort on analyzing market trends and viewer preferences, including the collection of information such as comments and trending topics on social media platforms, and reflect this information on their video content.

The newly launched AI-powered YouTube consulting service utilizes AI to analyze accumulated data and real-time trends, along with the analysis of user behavior and preferences, and generate optimal plans, titles and thumbnail compositions. This enables video content creators to improve content quality and productivity.

Creators and enterprises can already tap on various features on AnyCreator and AnyTag, such as follower, competitor, and trend analytics and access to trending content and influencers across regions and major social media platforms, to better evaluate and plan content that can be created.

Content that can be analyzed by AI

  • Short videos – Extraction of points of interest from regular videos and the creation of short videos for YouTube shorts. AI can reduce the time required to create one long or short video from approximately 2 hours to about 5 minutes.
  • Title – Analysis of viewing trends based on historical data of keywords related to the video, and propose titles that attract the most attention. While it used to take more than one hour including research and analysis, multiple title suggestions can be generated in about one minute using AI. Appropriate titling based on data will also improve viewer engagement rates.
  • Planning Drafts – Analysis of a wide range of video content, from planning to scripts. While it used to take approximately 3 hours or more including research and analysis, AI can derive this in approximately 1 minute, based on accumulated data, the themes that will increase viewer engagement at which points of time in the year, and can propose the most appropriate content for the channel.
  • Thumbnails – Automated creation of optimal title suggestions and thumbnails according to the genre of the video. AI analyzes the structure and elements that contribute to improving click-through rates for each genre, and suggests the best thumbnails for each video.

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