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Japanese model, Mirai Saitou, produces D2C sleep care brand, SLEEE, through AnyMind Group

Six items including sleepwear and pillow mist are now available on the SLEEE online store

AnyMind Group, a company that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, together with Japanese model Mirai Saitou, have launched D2C sleep care brand SLEEE. Six products are available, including sleepwear, pillow mist and bath salt, and sales through SLEEE’s official online store will start on Saturday, 30 January 2021, at 20:00 Japan Standard Time.

SLEEE Official Online Store : SLEEE Official Instagram :

In the past, Saitou had been troubled by a lack of sleep and wanted to find a way to improve her sleep, ultimately coming up with the idea of having a brand that helps other people to sleep better. Saitou is a certified sleep consultant and skincare specialist, and used her experience to come up with SLEEE products, including the design of sleepwear, along with the ingredients and fragrance of other products.

Through AnyMind Group, Saitou was able to turn her idea and concept into reality with AnyFactory, AnyShop and other solutions, including platforms and resources for planning, design, manufacturing, e-commerce infrastructure, along with other aspects of the project, ultimately leading to the launch of SLEEE.

■「SLEEE」Summarized offerings ・The concept of SLEEE is: to support the best sleep possible so that everyone can have a wonderful tomorrow ・All items are made with keen attention to detail so that customers can have a more comfortable sleep ・Colors that are favourable with both males and females ・Designed to look like pyjamas, but feel luxurious

■SLEEE|Product lineup

●SLEEE Cotton Pajamas Set

Soft to the touch, with a moderate lustre and elegant design. A top and long pants set, available in both beige and khaki colors for both males and females.

Price:¥15,000(Inclusive of tax) Material:100% cotton(20% organic cotton blend)

●SLEEE Aromatic Pillow Mist You just need to spray this pillow mist a couple of times before going to bed, and you will be enveloped in a fragrance that contains an original blend of ingredients for a relaxing sleep.

Price:¥3,080(Inclusive of tax)/ 100ml Blend:Bergamot, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, fresh ginger, mandarin and cedarwood Ingredients:Ethanol, fragrance, water, pentylene glycol

●SLEEE Aromatic Epsom Salt

The SLEEE Aromatic Epson Salt is a musk and hyacinth scented Epsom bath salt. Simply add the bath salts to your bath and feel a fuzzy warmth from the thermal effect of Epsom salt, moisturising your skin, preventing it from drying out and giving your skin a firm appearance.

Price:¥3,300(Inclusive of tax)/500g Scent:Musk and hyacinth Ingredients:Magnesium sulfate, cyclodextrin, bentonite, fragrance

■ About Mirai Saitou Mirai Saitou made her debut as a model for a culture fashion magazine at the age of 18. Since then, she has been modelled for LARME magazine (LARME Co., Ltd.), and was in charge of the headline project for the newly launched PECHE magazine in December 2020. To grow her expertise further, she obtained several certifications such as diet advisor, obesity prevention health manager, skin specialist and sleep consultant. In December 2020, she opened her own YouTube channel, further expanding the scope of her activities.

YouTube : Twitter : Instagram :

■ Quote from Mirai Saitou I believe that sleep is fundamental to life. I myself was troubled by sleep, and as I tried ways to improve my sleep deprivation, I began to think: “I wish there was a brand that can help me with this.” I would be happy if I could help you sleep better so that you can look forward to nighttime.

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