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AnyMind Group unveils history video and mosaic comprising employee photos to commemorate its 7th anniversary.

AnyMind Group, commemorated its 7th anniversary since its establishment on April 7, 2016 by releasing a commemorative video “A look back at 7 years of AnyMind” and a mosaic “Team AnyMind” consisting of photos of all members at all locations.

■About ​​this Video “A look back at 7 years of AnyMind”, a video celebrating the 7th anniversary”

The theme of this video is “AnyMind’s past 7 years and future.”
In the opening scene, co-founder and CCO Otohiko Kozutsumi, COO Rohit Sharma, and CFO Keizo Okawa, are interviewed about their first encounters with co-founder and CEO Kosuke Sogo. We then asked the question, “When you started your business with AnyMind, were you confident that this company would succeed?” and “Were you sure that the company would be a success?”
The next scene shows the trajectory of the company from 2016 to 2023, and also our listing ceremony on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market, which took place on March 29, 2023. Finally, we would like to conclude the report with a message from our CEO, Mr. Sogo about our future prospects.

■Mosaic Art “Team AnyMind”

In this initiative, photos of members of 19 offices in 13 countries and regions where AnyMind Group operates were collected and placed in the AnyMind Group logo to create a mosaic. Going forward, we will continue to grow our business by strengthening collaboration among our markets and working together as one to commit to the growth of our industry, markets, and clients.

<Kosuke Sogo, co-founder and CEO of AnyMind Group, comments>

Despite the unstable economic situation and the pandemic effects of the COVID-19 disaster, we have been able to adapt to the environment and continue to grow our business, and we are pleased to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Once again, we would like to thank all of our stakeholders for their support. On March 29, 2023, we were listed on the TSE Growth Market, and our goal is to achieve high growth over the medium to long term by leveraging our strengths in technology. We will continue to work together with our members who have deep knowledge of the local market to expand the value we provide and strive to become a leading technology company in Asia.

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