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Press Release: AdAsia Holdings to commence business operations in Singapore

〜AdAsia aims to promote its global marketing business and the development of next-generation TV advertising products〜

AdAsia Holdings Pte. Ltd. (AdAsia), the fastest-growing advertising company in Asia, has commenced operations in Singapore, providing global marketing services and next-generation TV advertising product development.

■Background about the Startup of the Business

The GDP and advertising market have both grown significantly in various Asian countries. Significantly, the demand for ad delivery to China and Southeast Asian countries from abroad has also greatly increased. Additionally, although these TV advertising markets are huge, a shift to digital is expected in each market.

Currently, there are very few companies that can understand digital marketing and the local market in various countries, or that can effectively plan and operate a marketing campaign across the region.

These circumstances have led to the establishment of AdAsia Holdings, a global marketing company, that aims to develop not just traditional TV advertising, but also next-generation TV advertising products.

■Future Development

AdAsia has successively developed new solutions in the field of digital advertising in Asia and aims to be a leader and driver of the growth of the advertising market in countries across Asia. The company has a goal of being listed on a stock exchange within three years.

About Kosuke Sogo, CEO & Founder
In 2012 Kosuke Sogo joined the Vietnam subsidiary of MicroAd, MicroAd Vietnam Joint Stock Company, as CEO. Three years later, as the CEO and Director of MicroAd in six countries, he contributed to the start-up and growth of business in the Southeast Asian countries of Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

About Otohiko Kozutsumi, COO & Founder
In 2009 Otohiko Kozutsumi joined Nobot Inc., a smartphone ad network startup, and was involved in the company’s business and overseas expansion, where he contributed to the acquisition of mediba Inc. In December 2013 he took part in the planning of MicroAd Vietnam and as COO has contributed to the growth of the business in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Company Profile
Company Name: AdAsia Holdings PTE. LTD.
CEO: Kosuke Sogo
Location: 34F, 77 Robinson Road, Singapore 068896
Business Details: Development of global marketing business, Internet advertising business and the development of a next-generation advertising platform

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