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AdAsia Holdings releases first wave of functionalities for an automated assistant to publishers

Newly-added features include data integrations and automatically-placed advertising

AdAsia Holdings, an end-to-end advertising solutions provider and part of AnyMind Group, has today rebranded the company’s current solution for online publishers to AdAsia360, and released the first wave of new features that look to turn the platform into an all-encompassing assistant to publishers.

Previously launched in October 2017 as the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers, AdAsia360 enables online media owners to manage and track their site revenue streams across multiple supply-side platforms and ad networks, through private marketplace and real-time bidding deals, and aggregate and optimize demand sources and floor prices through machine learning, across video, native and display advertising.

Newly launched features to AdAsia360 include:

– Integration with Google Analytics: Publishers now have wider overview across site activity, and the ability to find out revenue-per-pageview compared to the current standard of cost-per-impression tracking. As a user sees multiple advertisements on a single page, revenue-per-pageview allows for publishers to have greater insight into revenue gained from a single user, and the articles that contribute to higher revenue

– Integration with 3rd-party ad verification tools: Access to MRC-accredited vendors adloox and IAS, providing publishers with insights into traffic quality and viewability, and enabling publishers to eliminate invalid traffic and reduce impression waste

– Multi Dynamic Ad: Multiple automatically placed in-article advertising based on a user or site’s frequently viewed areas

– Full-fledged advertising inventory overview: Insight into both direct and programmatic inventory sales, providing publishers with full access across their entire revenue base, allowing publishers to compare and identify further opportunities for monetization

“With today’s publishers having to cope with rapidly-evolving environments and work across numerous platforms, our vision for AdAsia360 is to provide publishers with an automated solution that analyzes advertising revenue, allocates inventory access, optimizes and manages demand sources and pricing, recommends content direction and strategy, and more, whilst providing maximized transparency and a safe environment for advertisers – essentially becoming a 360-degree automated assistant to publishers,” said Hitoshi Maruyama, Chief Strategy Officer of AnyMind Group.

At present, AdAsia Holdings is powering 12 billion monthly impressions across 800 publishers in Asia. Apart from AdAsia360, AdAsia Holdings has local Publisher Engagement teams across its 11 markets in Asia, providing publishers with product onboarding and dashboard customization, and site, ad unit, and monetization strategy analysis and consultation.

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