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AnyMind Group

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AnyMind Group launches in the Philippines

Move into Manila completes planned Southeast Asia market expansion

AnyMind Group, an AI solutions provider in the advertising, marketing and human resource industries, has today announced its expansion into the Philippines, with an office in Manila, and appointment of Country Manager for the Philippines.

This will be the 29-month-old startup’s 13th office in 11 markets across Asia, including a product development center in Vietnam. The move looks to provide existing and future clients with greater support, and AnyMind Group will further localize its solutions for the market.

“We now have enough business momentum to establish a local presence, having experienced the growth and potential of the market remotely. Through our unique blend of AI-driven platforms for the advertising, marketing and human resource industries, we’re looking to empower further growth for professionals, businesses and industries in the Philippines, by making AI useable and more accessible to everyone,” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder of AnyMind Group.

AdAsia Holdings is currently providing revenue opportunities to over 30 publishers in the Philippines through the AdAsia Digital Platform for Publishers and AdAsia Premium Marketplace, whilst CastingAsia already has robust influencer marketing campaigns running on the platform. The AdAsia Digital Platform for Advertisers, a platform for advertisers to manage their activities through a single dashboard, will be rolled out, and the TalentMind platform will be further localized to meet the needs of human resource professionals in the Philippines.

Phuong Nguyen, Country Manager for Vietnam, AnyMind Group, has been appointed to lead the company’s operations in the Philippines, and is now Country Manager for Vietnam and the Philippines.

“Phuong has a proven track record with us, growing our operations in Vietnam to almost 100 staff, and increasing further business success across all three businesses. I am confident that she can take this additional role and give us a running start, and I trust that she will double our market share before the end of the year,” said Sogo.

“I’ve gained invaluable experience since joining AnyMind Group, and being put in a position to drive the business in Vietnam. I welcome this new challenge to position AnyMind Group’s companies as catalysts that empower further growth for their industries in the Philippines,” said Phuong.

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