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AnyMind Group integrates ID solutions from LiveRamp and PubMatic into AnyManager

Move provides yet another means for demand sources to map and identify audiences across AnyMind Group’s publisher inventory

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement company, has today announced the integration of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution and PubMatic’s Identity Hub into the AnyManager platform, providing online publishers with a way to easily implement and use audience identification (ID) solutions, and for advertisers to better reach relevant audiences across AnyMind Group’s publisher inventory.

Both ID solutions are now integrated into AnyManager’s header bidding solution for publishers to provide connected demand sources with more information to better reach and engage with desired audiences. AnyManager also enables the easy implementation of LiveRamp’s people-based, privacy-first identifier, RampID, through the Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS).

This is in part due to common device advertising identifiers such as third-party cookies, mobile identifiers, and IP addresses facing uncertainty and deprecation. Today, publishers need to look towards authentication as the primary means for enriching inventory with identity, providing greater opportunities for advertisers to tap on their rich audience base.

“The deprecation of third-party cookies and other identifiers has been a forcing function for innovation and improvement across the advertising industry, but more importantly, it’s highlighted that people-based marketing delivers superior performance, today.” said CheeChien Chung, Director, Addressability, SEA at LiveRamp. “Publishers leveraging LiveRamp’s solutions via AnyMind can easily enable their inventory to be accessible to advertisers looking to buy and measure at the person-level on RampID, and can achieve outsized business results at scale, without compromising privacy.”

AnyMind Group is LiveRamp’s first regional Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) partner with Asia-Pacific coverage. Once a publisher and AnyMind Group enter into an agreement, ATS is implemented on the login screen of the publisher’s site. ATS allows publishers to match authenticated user data with RampIDs in real time, enabling advertising without a reliance on third-party cookies or device-based identifiers. Advertisers leveraging RampID can unlock premium inventory, additional reach across browsers such as Safari and Firefox, and improved marketing tactics such as people-based audience targeting, frequency capping and more.

How RampID works on AnyManager

On the other hand, the Identity Hub integration enables publishers to simply turn on the integration with just a single button click on AnyManager for their header bidding wrapper and provides access to partnered ID solutions on Identity Hub including LiveRamp’s RampID, ID5 ID, The Trade Desk’s Unified ID, and more.

These integrations enable AnyMind Group’s online publishers and advertisers to communicate with enriched data, delivering greater measurability, whilst preserving audience privacy throughout the process.

Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group, said: “Web publishers in Asia have started exploring new business models such as media commerce and other means of content monetization, whilst the ad tech industry has innovated to provide means for publishers to continue benefiting from ad revenue. AnyMind Group is now where the facets of next-generation commerce, ad monetization and media improvement meet, providing web and app publishers with various possibilities for exponential growth.”

At present, AnyManager helps web publishers to monetize their advertising inventory by routing demand from over 70 supply-side platforms and ad networks through header bidding and open bidding, open auction, private marketplace deals, and direct demand through the company’s own AnyDigital Premium Marketplace, for standard advertising inventory slots and Accelerated Mobile Pages inventory. Apart from monetization, publishers can also tap on features on AnyManager for web, app and social media analytics, user engagement, build optimization, and speed improvement.

AnyManager is a platform housed under “Partner Growth” – one of two areas that AnyMind Group provides to brands, publishers and influencers, the other being “Brand Commerce.”

In Partner Growth, web and mobile app publishers and social media influencers can tap on platforms for analytics and monetization, through AnyManager and AnyCreator (for influencers). These customer segments can also tap on AnyMind Group’s platforms in Brand Commerce.

Within Brand Commerce, the company provides businesses with marketing platforms for influencer marketing (AnyTag) and digital marketing (AnyDigital), along with platforms for cloud manufacturing (AnyFactory), e-commerce enablement (AnyShop), logistics management (AnyLogi), and conversational commerce (AnyChat).

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