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UUUM and AnyMind team up to launch a new D2C brand for a toy poodle named Ernie

A new direct-to-consumer brand, Ernie’s Store, features a lineup of three items including tote bags and calendars, is now open!

AnyMind Group, an end-to-end commerce enablement platform, together with UUUM, a Japan-based multi-channel network and a leader in creator management and content marketing, have announced the launch of “Ernie’s Store”, a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand created by P2C Studio, Inc. (a subsidiary of UUUM), and AnyMind Group, as part of a partnership between the two companies.

“Ernie’s Store” is the first D2C brand featuring a toy poodle named Ernie, an influencer that gained popularity through Instagram. The items featured on Ernie’s Store look to recreate a slow and relaxing life by personifying the cute and fluffy toy poodle, Ernie. The item lineup includes tote bags and calendars, which will go on sale on the official online store from 20:00 JST on Wednesday, 17 November 2021.

    Ernie’s Store official online store :
    Ernie’s Store official Instagram :
    Ernie’s home official blog :

    To give shape to the passion and hope of the owner “U,” who is the mastermind behind “Ernie’s Store,” comprehensive support for the planning, design, production, e-commerce enablement and logistics was provided through tools by AnyMind Group such as AnyFactory, AnyShop, and AnyLogi through the partnership between UUUM’s P2C Studio and AnyMind Group.

    The lineup of products includes tote bags and campus pouches illustrated with Ernie, and calendars that show Ernie’s various expressions, which are filled with U’s fixation to detail.

    ■Ernie as seen by owner, U

    Ernie’s online store is filled with photos of Ernie taken by the owner U. Visitors to the store will be able to see Ernie’s various expressions!

    ■Products that reflect Ernie’s fans’ opinions

    Fan opinions based on responses from social media are reflected in the planning of products. Since many of Ernie’s fans own dogs, items on offer on Ernie’s Store can be used while walking dogs and are also useful for daily life.

    ■Ernie’s Store – The First Product Lineup

    ●Ernie’s Complete Set

    Price: ¥7,400 (tax included)

    The complete set includes a tote bag, pouch, and calendar.
    An original postcard is also included with this complete set.

    ●Ernie’s Tote Bag

    Price: ¥3,400 (tax included)
    Color: Natural
    Material: Cotton

    The size of this tote bag is good for going out for walks and casual shopping.
    It has a cute printed illustration of Ernie, and the red tag adds to its uniqueness.

    ●Ernie’s 2022 Calendar

    Price: ¥1,500 (tax included)

    “Ernie’s Calendar” for 2022 is now available. Flip through the calendar to see the different expressions of Ernie in various seasons, and the wooden base fits in with your room interior.

    ●Ernie’s Pouch

    Price: ¥2,500 (tax included)
    Color: Natural
    Material: Cotton

    These canvas pouches are useful for carrying various items.
    Two types are available: “With Fuku-chan ver.” and “Fluffy Scarf ver.” The pouches also include an illustration of Ernie printed on the front.

    ■Comments by U, the owner of Ernie  

    I’ve been posting photos and videos of Ernie on Instagram and Ernie’s blog, and now I’m very happy that UUUM offered me to produce and sell Ernie’s goods together.

    I’ve received many comments and messages from our fans that they want more Ernie’s goods, so I hope they will enjoy the cuteness and the fluffy look of Ernie with these products.

    ■Profile of the toy poodle “Ernie”

    A toy poodle born on December 4, 2006. It has about 143,000 followers on Instagram. Ernie gained popularity because of its adorable looks and gestures in daily life posted by the owner “U” on Instagram and a blog “Ernie’s home.” Ernie’s first photo book sold in 2018, “Toy poodle Ernie,” gathered attention as it looked like a stuffed animal.

    Ernie @ernie_pooh_

    Official Blog
    Ernie’s home

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