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AnyMind Group’s AnyLogi is now on Shopify

Shopify merchants can now tap on AnyLogi for product management, payment confirmations, warehousing, storage, shipping and delivery management

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for business owners, influencers, marketers and publishers, has today launched an application for its logistics management platform, AnyLogi, on multi-channel commerce platform Shopify.

At present, this is available for deliveries within or into Japan.

Through the AnyLogi app on Shopify, Shopify merchants can easily manage products, payment confirmation, warehousing, storage, shipping and delivery through Shopify, enabling seamless logistics management. Shopify merchants just need to install the AnyLogi app on the Shopify App Store, register for an account, and send products to an AnyLogi-partnered warehouse.

AnyLogi is available on a pay-as-you-go basis based on the number of orders received, and there are no initial fees or additional fees based on the number of stores or products managed.

*The fee structure is as of 5 August 2021. Please check the AnyLogi website for the latest information on fees. All fees are not inclusive of tax. If the monthly shipment volume is less than 500 items, there is a separate fee. The size of the postal parcel is within 31.2cm (width) x 22.8cm (height), 2.5cm in thickness and 1kg in weight.

Some of the key features for the AnyLogi app on Shopify include:

1. Reduction of logistics management man-hours

You can start immediately just by installing the AnyLogi app and send products to AnyLogi partner warehouses. Order information is automatically imported through Shopify, and information such as order, inbound storage and shipping can be checked in real-time. You can also centrally manage the logistics for multiple Shopify stores, greatly reducing the man-hours required for logistics management.

2. Unique packaging that meets your brand strategy

In addition to shipping and producing custom materials to match your branding needs, AnyLogi can also handle bundles that match your peak and off-peak needs. Anonymous purchase data can also be applied to marketing efforts.

3. Logistics partner network and support system

By utilizing AnyLogi’s partners and integrations of local and international e-commerce marketplaces and logistics providers, you can easily implement logistics strategies according to your products and bases. We also have an extensive support system, and your dedicated account manager will respond quickly to any inquiries.

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