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AnyMind Group opens up AnyTag to more agency types and launches new NLP-driven features

New features include finding lookalike influencers and past influencer-brand collaborations through deeper understanding of influencer content

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for marketers, influencers, publishers and business owners, has today announced that the company is opening up it’s influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, to talent management agencies, influencer agencies, and multi-channel networks (or collectively, influencer companies). The company has also today announced new features for marketers including lookalike modeling of influencers through natural language processing (NLP) and easier identification of brands an influencer has worked with before. The moves were designed to make influencer marketing more collaborative, addressable and accurate.

With the AnyTag platform already being used by marketing and public relations agencies across Asia, AnyMind Group has also added the ability for influencer companies to leverage on the AnyTag platform for deeper social media and channel analytics of their own influencers, identification of brand collaboration opportunities, and real-time campaign reporting. This provides influencer companies with a single platform to better understand their talent and keep track of brand collaborations that their talents are working on.

The move looks to build a robust influencer marketing ecosystem through AnyTag, with brands, marketing and PR agencies (or collectively, marketers) forming the “demand” side and talent management agencies, influencer agencies, multi-channel networks and AnyMind Group’s own influencer network forming the “supply” side.

Additionally, influencer companies can also tap on AnyMind Group’s offerings in the direct-to-consumer space, including cloud manufacturing, e-commerce and logistics, to enable their talents to create their own brands and sell their own branded products.

On the other hand, marketers are increasingly looking to drive more accurate decision-making and streamlined efforts for influencer marketing to determine the best influencers for a campaign, forming the basis of the latest feature additions to the AnyTag platform. These are NLP-driven influencer lookalike modeling and the identification of brands an influencer has collaborated with in the past.

Lookalike modeling
Through lookalike modeling of influencers, marketers can leverage on NLP and AnyTag’s influencer database of over 200,000 influencers and influencer data points to map out and receive recommendations of similar influencers based on an influencer’s historical post content, with further data sources such as audience data and past campaign performance to be added subsequently. This enables marketers to easily identify influencers who are similar to high-performing influencers from previous campaigns and drive better performance in future influencer marketing campaigns. The platform will assign a similarity score to each recommended influencer, and this lookalike modeling is supported for post content across all major Asian languages on Instagram, with further social media platforms to be added.

Identification of past brand collaborations
Marketers can now also easily identify brands that an influencer has worked with in the past based on an influencer’s post history. Through this, marketers can benefit from understanding the type of brands an influencer has an affinity for, which can also aid in decision-making when selecting influencers for a campaign.

Rohit Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of AnyMind Group said: “Influencer marketing as we know it is entering its next stage of evolution. One which is more collaborative, addressable and accurate, driven by key advancements in influencer marketing platforms, social media platforms and shifts towards influencers going direct-to-consumer. We now have the tech and business infrastructure to drive greater industry advancement across Asia and beyond.”

On the newly announced features for the AnyTag platform, Sharma said: “Over the years, we have built a highly robust platform not just with a keen focus on functionality, but also one where we help marketers unlock opportunities for big data utilization in influencer marketing – from understanding user conversions and conversations, to predictions, recommendations and more. We will continue innovating and pushing boundaries in the technological aspect of influencer marketing and drive the next stage of evolution.”

AnyTag enables marketers to discover influencers, activate and manage campaigns, communicate with influencers, and track and attribute influencer marketing campaigns in real-time, along with tools for social media analytics. This is supplemented by the AnyCreator mobile app, which is used by influencers to understand their social media presence and trends, collaborate with brands on campaigns and receive payment.

In March 2021, AnyMind Group announced a strategic partnership with UUUM. The partnership was formed to mutually utilize UUUM’s resources and AnyMind Group’s technology and data for influencer marketing and direct-to-consumer (D2C) offerings, in a bid to create the largest influencer network in Japan for marketers and enable UUUM’s influencers to launch their own influencer D2C brands. Further details will be announced in the coming months.

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