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Ngân Khánh, Vietnamese actress and singer, joins AnyMind Group’s influencer network

Company will provide platform and services to help Ngân Khánh grow her own personal brand

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, has today announced that actress and singer, Lê Ngân Khánh, is officially joining the AnyCreator influencer network, a network of content creators and influencers across Asia and beyond.

AnyMind Group will support Ngân Khánh for initiatives including channel optimization, copyright protection of her content on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, along with providing opportunities for her to collaborate with suitable brands.

This follows Ngân Khánh’s debut of her new image. On her official YouTube channel, she intends to connect better with her fans by providing insights into her daily life and of being an actress (through a series called Khánh Diaries). She will also produce cooking content (through a series called Food Talk), and behind-the-scenes content and art products.

AnyMind Group’s AnyCreator is an influencer network and mobile application for influencers, and is present across Southeast Asia, East Asia, India and the United Arab Emirates. Through AnyCreator, influencers and content creators can tap on a variety of platforms and services to grow their social media channels and personal brands.

Antony Tran, Head of Creator Growth, Vietnam, AnyMind Group, said: “The influencer space has grown drastically in recent years. With this growth, there is a greater need for new strategies and tools that can support influencers and content creators. This requires influencers and content creators to constantly innovate, stay on-trend and build a sustainable brand direction to attract fans and collaboration opportunities with brands. Over the years, we have created intrinsic value for influencers and content creators across Asia through our unique mix of technology and expertise. Ngân Khánh, along with other influencers, can tap on our solutions to build sustainable growth and solve issues like copyright, channel optimization and content creation, thereby helping influencers and content creators grow faster and more sustainably.”

Apart from tools and services for influencers and content creators, AnyMind Group also provides platforms for influencer marketing (AnyTag), digital marketing (AnyDigital) and publisher monetization (AnyManager), and in 2020, launched platforms for the direct-to-consumer space including cloud manufacturing (AnyFactory) and e-commerce enablement (AnyShop).

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