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After receiving overwhelming demand for pre-sale items, Yutasena’s apparel brand, KISAMARA, launches a new lineup of 9 items

Sales will begin at the official online store ( on 14 May 2021, 1900hrs JST

AnyMind Group, a brand enablement platform that provides technology and solutions for influencers, publishers, marketers and business owners, has today announced the launch of KISAMARA, a D2C apparel brand produced by YUTASENA, a YouTube duo from GROVE’s influencer network which is extremely popular amongst teenagers. The product lineup includes nine apparel items including denim jackets and jersey sets.

In January 2021 and prior to the full-scale launch today, AnyMind Group conducted a limited pre-sale of three apparel items, including hoodies and bags. In response to overwhelming demand during this forementioned pre-sale launch, nine apparel items will go on sale today on the official KISAMARA online store from 1900hrs JST, including denim jackets and jersey sets.

KISAMARA official store:
KISAMARA official Instagram:

When we launched KISAMARA, we created a concept called KISAMAR LAND, which translates into “I want people to enjoy being fashionable without worrying about what others think, just like having fun at a theme park!” YUTASENA worked with AnyMind Group, through the company’s D2C solutions including AnyFactory and AnyShop, to obtain comprehensive support for planning, designing, production, e-commerce enablement and other aspects of the project, ultimately leading to the launch of the brand.

■「KISAMARA」Points of note
・Exciting and colorful items
・In order to show YUTASENA’s gratitude towards fans, they decided to produce apparel items with high attention to detail but available at a low price
・A variety of free size and unisex items are available for couples
・Fashion icon YUTASENA’s trendy and unique apparel items

Do you live the way you want?

KISAMARA is based on the idea that people should be able to wear exciting and colorful clothes without worrying about what others around them think, just as how people dress up in an amusement park with fun caps, unique clothing and matching items.

We hope that every day will be special for you.

■KISAMARA | Product lineup
●KISAMARA Kawaii jacket

Free-sized / red, yellowish-green, cow print ¥6,930

Flashy colors are recommended for unique matching styles🐄✨
The item is unisex, so couples can wear different colors together💚❤️

●KISAMARA Overalls 🧡💜 & KISAMARA Salopettes 💜🧡

Overalls(Free-sized / light purple, orange ¥6,820)
Salopettes(Small・Medium / Light purple・orange ¥6,490)

These salopettes are attractive with their colorful and exciting colors🍭
Not only for everyday use, but also an item that you can coordinate with your friends at the theme park 🏰

●CRECOCO t-shirt 🐶💖

Free-sized / white, black ¥2,970

Large-sized t-shirt with YUTASENA’s dog, Crecoco, printed on it 🐶
The item is free-sized and unisex 👦🏻 👱🏻‍♀️

■Comments from YUTASENA
We are so happy and excited to launch the KISAMARA brand because it was one of our dreams to start an apparel brand.

We will create items that will “make your day happy” when you wear KISAMARA items and “make you want to wear them” even if you have never tried colorful or flashy items before!

Through KISAMARA, we want everyone to be able to enjoy dressing up in their own way, regardless of gender or age!

Link :
LINE account :@kisamara


An influencer duo known for their colorful fashion.
They are a popular couple with over 1.8 million followers on social network sites such as TikTok and YouTube, and are rapidly gaining fans of the same generation who admire their fashion and unique worldview.
They were ranked second in the “Favorite Couple and Housewife Ranking” for Gen Z by the Z Research Institute.
They were also selected as a trend predictor for the first half of 2021 by SHIBUYA109 Lab, a youth marketing research institute, and memedays, a research institute for social media trends and Gen Z insights.

YouTube :
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