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AnyMind Group and Chihiro Inohana have launched a D2C apparel line for petite women

The lineup will be on sale from 19 March 2021

AnyMind Group, a business enablement platform that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, has today announced the planned launch of LASHIKU, an D2C apparel brand for petite women produced by Japanese model Chihiro Inohana. LASHIKU has three items for sale in the initial apparel launch, including a one-piece dress. This is Inohana’s first attempt at creating an apparel brand, and LASHIKU’s products will only be available for three months. LASHIKU products will be available on the official online store from 19:00 JST on 19 March 2021 (Friday).

LASHIKU Official Online Store : ※The store will launch on 19 March 2021, 7pm JST

LASHIKU Official Instagram :

Inohana was fully involved throughout the creation of the LASHIKU brand and products, from brand conceptualization to the selection of materials, colors, sizes and more. The concept of LASHIKU was based on Inohana’s vision to deliver the best clothes that petite women can wear. By working with AnyMind Group, Inohana used AnyFactory and AnyShop for manufacturing and e-commerce enablement, along with utilizing resources for planning, designing and other aspects of the project, ultimately leading to the launch of LASHIKU.

■「LASHIKU」Key Areas
・Limited brand only available for 3 months
・A brand specializing in producing clothing for adult women in their late 20s to 30s with statures from 140cm to 155cm
・Brand concept: “It looks good on you because you are petite”

■LASHIKU|Product line-up
<Pleats Salopette>

¥13,200 (Tax inclusive) orange・mulch / F

Inohana wanted to create a pair of pants with a design that would make her legs look longer, bringing about the concept of Pleats Salopette.

The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted to suit the wearer’s preference and can be worn with heels or flats.

<tiered dress>

¥14,300(Tax inclusive) black・white / F

Inohana wanted to create a cute, one-piece dress, and paid close attention to details such as switching positions, length and sleeves to create a dress that is cute in every way.

It’s the perfect dress for casual or cute wear!

<2-way summer knit dress>


¥14,300(Tax inclusive) beige・brown / F

This is a knitwear item that Inohana really wanted to make because it is difficult to find suitable length dresses for petite body statures.

The dress comes with a ribbon that can be tied at the waist to add style or can be worn without the ribbon.

■About Chihiro Inohana

Born in Tokyo on February 12, 1989, Inohana made her debut as a model after auditioning for non-no magazine. After that, she became a model appearing in various advertisements, and worked as a TV personality.
She is currently working as a freelance model, appearing in TV commercials, and expanding her activities as an advertising model and influencer.
She also attracts attention for her sense of style both professionally and personally, attracting followers to the way she coordinates her outfit to fit her petite stature of 150cm. She also regularly shares with followers about her beauty regimen to keep her skin beautiful.

Instagram :
Twitter : (@chihiro0212)
LINE Blog:

■Comments from Chihiro Inohana
I’ve decided to launch a brand for short people called LASHIKU, and the name was chosen because it represents “to be yourself”.

I’m only 150cm tall, so I’ve always had to alter the length of my clothes, or sometimes just giving up and wearing clothes as is.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an inferiority complex, even at this point in my life. “I don’t want to give up dressing like an adult, even if I have a small stature,” and “I want to express my innocence and dignified femininity as is.” With this in mind, we have started a brand for petite women.

We have spent a lot of time struggling to deliver items that “bring out the charm of being an adult with just one item” for petite women, aiming for “the best outfits that only suit petite women.” We were very particular about the materials and shape of the clothing and want to bring to the world a piece that can be loved for a long time.

I hope that when you put on a piece of LASHIKU, you will say: “It’s so cute!” I hope you will like it even more in the future.

I aim to create clothes that will bring you joy and enrich your heart without having to worry about resizing, and I hope that they will become special pieces for everyone.

The brand will only be available for a limited time of three months, but we have created clothes that are filled with love and care, so please look forward to them!

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