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Influencer Marketing

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Effective influencer marketing strategy that saw ROAS impact of over 10,000%

Successful medium to long-term strategy to drive awareness through to acquisition by building on a PDCA cycle based on key data

Client: Koala Sleep Japan
Industry: Furniture & interior
Product: AnyTag


Koala Sleep Japan is the Japanese arm of Koala Sleep Pte Ltd, a company that was founded as a direct-to-consumer bedding and furniture brand based out of Australia. The company has been selling bedding in Japan through e-commerce channels, without any physical stores.

As e-commerce is Koala Sleep Japan’s main sales channel, the brand leveraged on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, as both platforms have been growing in usage and users in recent years.

Koala Sleep Japan looked to drive greater awareness through a video review program by leveraging on YouTube content creators to review the brand’s products. However, there were challenges in understanding the impact of reviews by content creators on YouTube, especially so because mattresses are not items that are frequently purchased by consumers.

With this in mind, Koala Sleep Japan worked with AnyMind Group to track and attribute the effectiveness of influencer marketing and social media platforms.


Koala Sleep Japan worked with influencers on various social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, with a focus on product reviews based on the actual use of Koala Sleep Japan’s mattresses.

Utilizing the AnyTag platform, Koala Sleep Japan was able to obtain influencer recommendations and lists, depending on the target and purpose of each campaign. Koala Sleep Japan was also able to leverage insights not just around the number of followers and vanity metrics, but also deeper insight including follower insights and an influencer’s past campaign performance.


The campaign saw an average return on ad spend (ROAS) of over 100%, and there were some instances where ROAS exceeded 10,000%. This has helped Koala Sleep Japan plan for future campaigns that drive not just awareness but also towards purchases.

In addition to influencer selection, Koala Sleep Japan was able to tap on AnyTag to review past campaign and influencer performance, but also to develop a plan for future campaigns.

For example, Koala Sleep Japan was able to understand customers that had made purchases after watching the YouTube video, and also understand the behavior of users who left the site through AnyTag’s “assisted conversion” indicator.

Koala Sleep Japan was also able to leverage on AnyTag to analyze not just basic user transition from video to purchase, but also how the contribution of influencer-generated content on YouTube contributed to purchase, including users who had a time lag before conversion. This enabled Koala Sleep Japan to calculate expected gains. As Koala Sleep’s headquarters is based outside of Japan, the brand’s marketers for Japan had to report results to their management and were able to explain the cost-effectiveness of influencer marketing with actual data.

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