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AnyMind Times: The one about Python and Recoil, React vs Next JS; Our annual influencer marketing report; Making it to LinkedIn’s top startups (Japan); and more D2C news

Your monthly round-up of what happened at AnyMind Group - September 2021 edition

Our annual report that looks at the state of influencer marketing is now available! This year, we’ve also added a focus on the creator economy to capture rising trends in this space.

In other news, we’re named in LinkedIn’s top startups 2021! We’ve got a whole lineup of items last month, and we’ve even thrown in a tech blog post about the management philosophy of our tech team.

Read on to find out more!

How the influencer marketing ecosystem and creator economy is stacking up in Asia

In our annual State of Influence in Asia 2021 report, we dissect key areas around influencer behaviors, influencer marketing campaigns and the top five trends we’re seeing that will create a long-lasting impact for both marketers and influencers in the coming years.

influencer marketing report for Asia 2021

Instagram remains most-used platform by brands for influencer marketing campaigns but had the lowest year-on-year growth

September 29, 2021

Download state of influence in Asia 2021 report

Download: State of Influence in Asia 2021 report

September 29, 2021

We’re named to LinkedIn’s top startups 2021 list

LinkedIn named AnyMind Group to its top startups list (for Japan). Factors taken into consideration include growth in the number of employees; Interest in the company and its employees; Interest in job openings; Ability to attract top talent.

linkedin top startups japan 2021

AnyMind Group named to LinkedIn Top Startups in Japan 2021 for the first time

September 28, 2021

Enabling publisher Gizmodo Japan to go D2C

One of the largest gadget sites in Japan, Gizmodo Japan, is now going D2C to consumers in Japan, through Giz Yatai, their online store featuring products handpicked by Gizmodo Japan’s editors from around the world. Gizmodo Japan is tapping into AnyMind’s products including AnyFactory, AnyShop, AnyManager, AnyLogi, AnyDigital and AnyTag.

gizmodo japan media commerce

AnyMind Group collaborates with Gizmodo Japan to launch next-generation media commerce site, Giz Yatai

September 15, 2021

Meross goes D2C in Japan, powered by AnyMind Group

We’re also powering smart home appliance manufacturer, Meross, to go D2C in Japan. Through our D2C for Enterprise program, Meross will leverage tools such as AnyShop, AnyManager, AnyLogi and AnyTag to drive their next-gen commerce push in the Japan market.

meross japan d2c

AnyMind Group empowers Meross to launch its first official online store in Japan

September 16, 2021

Influencer D2C brand launches in Indonesia and Japan

We’ve had three influencer D2C brand launches in the past month, including one in Indonesia and two in Japan. In Indonesia, social media influencer group JAR Team launched their own line of official merchandise, whilst in Japan, musician Noah Sato launched her fragrance brand “Shefar” and Japanese celebrity, Becky, launched skincare brand “NaturaLUNA…”.

jar team

AnyMind Group powers Indonesian creator JAR Team to launch limited edition official merchandise

September 7, 2021

noah sato shefar

AnyMind empowers Japanese influencer Noah Sato to launch perfume brand, Shefar

September 21, 2021

becky naturaluna

AnyMind Group helps Japanese celebrity, Becky, to launch her first D2C skincare brand, “NaturaLUNA…”

September 14, 2021

SMBC Group’s PlariTown now provides AnyMind’s products to help businesses go digital

PlariTown, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc., can now offer its customers management consulting resources of SMBC Group, and various AnyMind Group products including AnyManager, AnyShop, AnyLogi and AnyTag.

AnyMind PlariTown

PlariTown and AnyMind Group agree on business partnership to promote digitization of corporations in Japan

September 10, 2021

Publishers, e-commerce and D2C brands can now create Web Stories through AnyManager

Through AnyManager’s latest feature, Story Engine, online publishers, e-commerce brands and D2C brands can now easily create, edit, manage and publish Web Stories on their online properties. Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular “Stories” format that combines video, audio, images, animation and text to create a dynamic consumption experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

AnyMind PlariTown

AnyMind Group launches Story Engine on AnyManager for online publishers, e-commerce and D2C brands

September 9, 2021

How we’re powering next-gen commerce for influencers in Thailand

We spoke with Jug, who is Head of Creator Growth, Thailand, and Pat, Head of the D2C for Influencers program in Thailand, to find out how exactly we’re helping influencers in Thailand to jumpstart their growth.

creators sustainable business growth thailand

How we’re powering next-generation commerce for creators in Thailand to create sustainable business growth

September 30, 2021

Case study: AnyMind helps electrical appliance brand Hizero to influence audiences in Hong Kong

When electrical appliance brand, Hizero, wanted to enter the Hong Kong market, who did they turn to for help? Us of course! By tapping on AnyTag, they were able to drive a three-pronged strategy to reach target audiences to drive awareness.

hizero hong kong

Newly launched electrical appliance brand meets influencer marketing – How Hizero launched in the Hong Kong market

September 30, 2021

Our tech team wrote more than just code in September

Our tech team is more known for writing code, but in the past month, the writing muse found them and they released a bunch of resources, insights and tips. From Python libraries for humans, profiling code in Python and Recoil state management for React to the comparison of front-end frameworks, QA pyramids and testing, and how the AnyLogi platform is stacking up today, and so much more!

tech blog

AnyMind Group’s tech blog

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