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#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois Poon - passion comes with a hint of effort

Hi everyone, my name is Lois.

I am a Platform Operations Manager in Acqua Media (AdAsia Group), which has been part of the AnyMind Group family since 2018.

Back in 2017, Ben Chien who was once my supervisor in PCCW Media in Hong Kong, called me on a morning for a catch-up over coffee.

I realized he is the founder of Acqua Media (he is now Managing Director, Greater China at AnyMind Group). He shared his vision on the exceptional potential of a publisher-side business in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. He trusted that I could use my digital marketing exposure to play a part in growing the Acqua Media business and invited me to join the team.

Looking back, the online advertising industry has no doubt grown in the direction that Ben had predicted, in just over two years. All-in-all, it has been an amazing journey with the team and I’ve never had any regrets in being part of it.

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois PoonThe Acqua Media Team

Like all other teams in AnyMind Group, we have to be adaptable, speedy and committed.

Improving ad performance and quality for clients (publishers) is our top priority – to grow sustainable ad revenue for all clients. While managing more than 200 major publishers (online publishers or app developers) each day, my role as Platform Operations Manager is to provide strategic and dynamic insights and analysis for clients in ad monetization from time-to-time.

Onboarding is another major task as a Platform Operations Manager. Once the Publisher Engagement team confirms engagement with a new client, we are responsible to provide them with an “enthusiastic reception” – commencing with a comprehensive review and gap analysis of their existing website content and traffic; pointing out potential shortfalls of their marketing and ad placement strategy; and subsequently provide turnkey solutions on how to optimise ad placements and maximize clients’ ad revenue.

“If you need me… Just call my name… I’ll be there in a hurry”

And yes, I’m now the only person in the entire AnyMind Group who is based in Australia. I currently reside in Melbourne, but that doesn’t make me feel like I’m alone or disengaged from the company.

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois PoonAn online video meeting with some of my teammates

Thanks to technology, distance has not affected the working flow with my colleagues. Utilizing WhatsApp, Workplace Chat (our internal communication platform), or Google Meet, we have access to an array of daily communication tools that have become part of our everyday work life. I treasure our teamwork a lot, and we always give each other “shoutouts” if anyone needs help.

Of course, opportunities like the “all-hands meeting” allows me to meet everyone in-person and as my team members like to proclaim, “Lois is a real person!”

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois PoonAll-hands meeting in January 2019

My dream… “Digital x Arts”

Across the years, I feel lucky enough to work on a wide range of digital marketing activities throughout my career – online advertising, website, and app development, video production as well as an interactive installation for a digital agency, a shopping mall, and an educational institution.

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois Poon

Having been a part of this industry’s evolution, one of the biggest challenges is finding out the intangible benefits of campaigns – things that are always hard to define as success. But that is truly the beauty of digital marketing today – there is so much agility, creativity, and possibilities in this field – the current available solutions have become so much more data-driven that all campaigns can be rationalized with quantitative analysis!

And because this industry is full of possibilities and opportunities, looking ahead in my career, I see that there is an opportunity to apply my background in the arts into the digital marketing field. Is there a way to design in a more aesthetic way? Maybe I can put my illustrations in a digital marketing campaign one day…

#AnyMindFamily Stories - Lois PoonOne of my illustrations on Instagram @Plushstoryy

Ain’t no mountain high enough

The digital sphere has changed so quickly, and in AnyMind Group, with so many young and innovative minds, I believe we can inspire each other and grow together, further.

Alright, let me know if you are in or around Melbourne, and we can get coffee and nice conversations!

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