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#TeamAnyMind: Vu Thi An Khanh (Manager, Platform Operations)

#TeamAnyMind is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam today, to speak to An, who tells us how the vibrant multicultural environment keeps fuelling her to bigger and better things:

#TeamAnyMind is in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam today, to speak to An, who tells us how the vibrant multicultural environment keeps fuelling her to bigger and better things:

Hey everyone, I’m An Khanh Vu, but you can just call me An! I’ve been with the company since September 2017. Self-introductions tend to be either too brief or too complicated, but there’s a phrase that serves as a good summary of the kind of person I am: “I don’t have a unique skill that sets me apart, but I am passionately curious about everything in life.”

Boundless Curiousity

The roots of this innate curiosity are easy to trace. A lot of people in my family are teachers, so I grew up surrounded by both knowledge and the pursuit of it. My grandfather even had a huge library of his own, one that I spent countless hours in. I would love to have one of my own in the future, although that might be difficult since I find myself travelling and relocating fairly frequently.

I enjoy travelling around the world because I find that I’m inspired by my surroundings. Things such as the books I read and my wardrobe, change drastically depending on where I live so I move around to keep things fresh. For example, my latest move was from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and even though it’s still the same country, the new city opened my eyes to so much new literature and, uh, ‘inspired’ me to overhaul my wardrobe 😅 My ultimate dream would be to have the opportunity to live in different parts of the world, and to keep discovering more sources of inspiration.

A Multi-Faceted Puzzle

Anyway, although it isn’t quite the same as living in those countries, working at AnyMind Group has given me a lot of opportunities to get to know many different people across the region. After all, we have 11 offices in 10 markets, and my role in this big puzzle as Platform Operations Manager involves managing a variety of platforms, partnerships, and private marketplace (PMP) projects, optimising revenue streams for publishers and advertisers across APAC. You can be sure I’ve gotten to know quite a bit about the unique quirks and characteristics of the different cultures in this region!

A lot of these experiences come from working with the team, obviously. I am lucky to be part of such a strong team: one that works hard together towards achieving the same goals. Teamwork, strong analytical skills, critical thinking, a positive attitude and passion are traits that everyone possesses in the team. All these fuel our fast pace! It gives me great satisfaction to see everyone growing both as individuals and as a unit, with each passing day 😊

This growth is possible here because it offers a challenging and positive environment that encourages learning about the latest technologies and how they apply to the market. Not only do you figure out the back end, you get to experience how it affects the various players in the market, first-hand. I find that my every day starts at the foot of a mountain of things to learn, and ends with me looking back at all that I’ve achieved.

Step by step, I will work to reach the summit, knowing that I will always be supported by my colleagues 💪

External Pursuits

Away from the office, my curiosity still reigns supreme. I’m always looking for something new, and this could take the form of reading new books or travelling and finding out about other cultures. I’m also big into shopping, trying out new food, and collecting notebooks and other cute stationery.

Also, also! I’m a dog person through and through, with a particular weakness for corgis and labradors 🐶

As you can see, my curiosity means that my interests span many, many different areas 😛 Wouldn’t change it for the world!

Looking ahead, I still have lots of future dreams and goals. Obviously I would love to help the company grow even more, even to expand out of Asia to other regions. But on the personal front… there are so many, let me just list some of them in bullet points:

– Learning computer science

– Learning new languages, especially Spanish, German, and Italian

– Visit 30 countries by the time I’m 30 years old

– Buy a house in the countryside and have multiple dogs

– Create map of the world’s best milk tea and ice-cream

Can I achieve all these? Your guess is as good as mine, but I can guarantee one thing: I’ll be trying my very best to do so!

Thanks for reading everyone! 😁

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