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AnyCreator, AnyShop and AnyDigital get new logos and TalentMind has a new name

New logos look to further distinguish and better align brand identity of products

In a move to better distinguish some of our platforms and align to the wider AnyMind Group branding, we’re today unveiling new logos for AnyCreator, AnyShop and AnyDigital. The TalentMind brand name will also be changed to AnyTalent to better align the brand of this part of the business with our platform names.

Check them out below:


AnyCreator new logo

AnyCreator, our mobile application for influencers and content creators, will include a new logomark – effectively distinguishing AnyCreator from AnyTag, our influencer marketing platform used by marketers and talent agencies. As a platform, AnyCreator enables influencers and content creators to shine, and the logomark symbolizes a shining star.


AnyShop new logo

AnyShop, our e-commerce enablement solution, now sports a new shade of green similar to that found on the AnyMind Group logo.


AnyDigital new logo

AnyDigital, our digital marketing platform, also has a new logomark in the form of a “pointer”, denoting the precision of digital marketing. This move distinguishes AnyDigital from AnyManager, our platform used by online web and app publishers and e-commerce brands.

AnyTalent (formerly TalentMind)

AnyTalent new logo

This move is more to align TalentMind with our other platform brands, and the TalentMind name and wordmark have been changed to AnyTalent, whilst the logomark remains the same but in a new shade of green.

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