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Nathalie Holscher launches lifestyle apparel brand SNH with AnyMind Group

Limited edition sweater and t-shirt available at launch

AnyMind Group, a company that develops and provides technology and solutions for influencers, marketers, publishers and business owners, together with Indonesian social media influencer, Nathalie Holscher, have today announced the Indonesia-wide launch of SNH, a lifestyle apparel brand that was designed by Nathalie.

Starting her career in the entertainment industry as part of a musical duo, Rannath, Nathalie is a digital content creator, singer and actress from Indonesia. She has built a strong digital presence with a combined audience of over five million followers across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Nathalie’s motivation behind launching SNH is to create versatile and comfortable daily wear for productive young people, combining a brand persona mix of cheerfulness, elegance, simplicity, honesty and humbleness, materialized through the apparel line of SNH.

Being heavily involved throughout the brand design and production process, Nathalie handpicked all available products, from materials and colours to designs and styles.

The launch of SNH coincides with the release of limited edition SNH products, inclusive of limited edition SNH sweater and SNH oversized t-shirt. There are 40 pieces of each product available through the SNH official online store, available at

SNH limited versatile sweater

SNH Limited Versatile Sweater
Retailing at IDR 249.000 | Color: Black | Quantity: 40 pieces

The SNH Limited Versatile Sweater is a simple and stylish outer layer that can be worn for work, hanging out with friends, or simply to get through chilly days at home. The sweater features an exclusive plastisol-printed design on the chest and left sleeve.

SNH limited versatile sweater

SNH Limited Oversize White
Retailing at IDR 159.000 | Color: White | Quantity: 40 pieces

The limited-edition SNH Limited Oversize White is an everyday-wear oversized t-shirt that features an exclusive plastisol-printed SNH logo and design on the upper chest area.

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