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APM - the largest viewable first, high performance APAC-centric marketplace

AdAsia Holdings, a company by AnyMind Group, is pleased to officially announce the launch of the AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

AdAsia Holdings, a company by AnyMind Group, is pleased to officially announce the launch of the AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

The AdAsia Premium Marketplace empowers advertisers to tap on viewable, premium advertising inventory, and contextual data to achieve their advertising and business objectives.

Leveraging on a pan-Asian presence of verified, top quality AdAsia partner publishers, the AdAsia Premium Marketplace provides access to optimized, high viewability ad placements for display and video advertising.

Key features:

– Transparency and high levels of brand safety: Through verification partners including Adloox, Fraudlogix, and IAS, along with internal publisher quality checks, the AdAsia Premium Marketplace ensures maximum transparency and brand safety to you.

– High Levels of Viewability via Product, Creative & Placement Optimization: Partnering up with Adloox, IAS and Moat, the AdAsia Premium Marketplace is compliant with industry regulations, and averages above industry benchmarks for viewability.

– Comprehensive Targeting & Retargeting Options: Utilize targeting options including context, location, interest, and build on first- and third-party data to drive audience connections.

– Comprehensive Product Portfolio To Drive Objective-Based Media Buying: The AdAsia Premium Marketplace provides you with a product portfolio that addresses your objective-based requirements throughout the marketing funnel.

– Exceptional White Gloved Service for Managed Campaigns: We consult with publishers on optimizing site and inventory layouts to drive greater user value – providing you with an advertising environment that users enjoy.

– Strong Direct Publisher Relationships in APAC: The AdAsia Premium Marketplace works with premium publishers across over 11 markets in Asia, providing you with a truly pan-Asian reach for your advertising needs.

– Trusted by 500+ Global Marketers: The AdAsia Premium Marketplace is trusted by agencies and brands across automobile, F&B, finance, government, electronics and gadgets, beauty & fashion, real estate, travel, and others, powering their advertising with innovation and agility.

– Leverage APM to Drive Effective Contextual Advertising: The AdAsia Premium Marketplace empowers you with the ability to target ‘in the moment’ mindsets, enabling you to unlock brand storytelling that matters to your audiences.

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