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Press Release: AdAsia powers up in two more markets

Offices in Indonesia and Vietnam to grow AdAsia’s footprint in the region

AdAsia Holdings, an advertising technology company and creator of the AdAsia Digital Platform, has announced today the launch of offices in Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh City, further expanding the company’s Southeast Asian presence.

“The majority of Southeast Asia is still an emerging market for programmatic advertising and modern marketing solutions, and we’re looking to empower marketers with AdAsia’s brand of solutions,” said Kosuke Sogo, CEO and co-founder, AdAsia Holdings.

Clients in Indonesia and Vietnam now have access to the AdAsia Digital Platform, an easy-to-use, self-service integrated platform capable of managing and executing multiple marketing functions. AdAsia also looks to grow its CastingAsia database with influencer partnerships from these two markets.

“Mobile and social media in both Indonesia and Vietnam have high usage rates, with video being another high-demand area. AdAsia’s integrated solutions would enable marketers in this region to streamline all their marketing efforts onto one platform.” said Sogo.

“In addition, native advertising is a growing space for these two markets, and we’re looking to bring our suite of native solutions, including out-stream video for both desktop and mobile, to advertisers and publishers,” said Sogo.

“One of our key business pillars is localization, and we’re looking to tailor each solution according to the specific needs of each market. Bringing locals on board will allow us to build teams that understand the particular advertising market’s needs, communicate with clients, and know what works best,” said Sogo.

“We also want to be easily accessible to our local clients, which is why we situate our offices in the heart of each business district,” said Sogo.

AdAsia’s offices are located at UOB Plaza in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Saigon Trade Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The 7-month old company currently has four offices in Southeast Asia, with plans to enter the Greater China market within the next quarter.

About AdAsia Holdings Pte. Ltd.
AdAsia Holdings is one of the fastest growing advertising technology companies in Asia – launched in April 2016 by Kosuke Sogo and Otohiko Kozutsumi. AdAsia Holdings looks to enhance marketers’ prowess through a single platform, and aims to become the number one advertising company in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, AdAsia Holdings is a strong believer in localized support and has offices in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Next up on the agenda is expansion into Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China and Russia, and India, Malaysia, Philippines and UAE by 2018.

About AdAsia Digital Platform
The AdAsia Digital Platform is an integrated advertising platform capable of managing functions of display, mobile and video programmatic buying and reporting, influencer marketing and video production in a single platform. Advertising agencies, marketers and advertisers can serve their ads on multiple DSPs, advertising networks, AdAsia Video Network, and AdAsia Ad Network – an advertising network for Southeast Asia’s various local premium media and publishers. All future innovations will be integrated with the AdAsia Digital Platform, serving marketers needs through a single tool.

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