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CEO Message

To Our shareholders and investors

To Our shareholders
and investors

AnyMind Group CEO Kosuke Sogo

AnyMind Group was founded in April 2016 in Singapore. With our origins in Asia, we develop and provide proprietary platforms across the business supply chain, including digital commerce, marketing, and more. We have also established our presence across all major markets in APAC, providing our customers with greater cross-border access through our local networks developed in each of these APAC markets.

For the fiscal year 2023, our annual revenue increased by 35% year-on-year to 33.4 billion yen, and gross profit increased by 37% year-on-year, indicating sustained robust growth across the business. Consolidated operating profit reached 740 million yen, showing a significant improvement compared to the same period last year. Since our establishment in 2016, we have achieved seven consecutive years of revenue growth and improving profitability.

Make every business borderless.

With the recent advancements in technology, we are now in an era where anyone in the world can do business. However, various “borders” still exist in business such as information silos, opaque business practices, and geographical limitations. We’re looking to remove these borders, enabling everyone to expand their businesses more easily and globally.

To be a leading technology company in Asia

We aim to be a leading technology company representing Asia. With a focus on a market with over 4 billion people, we strive for continuous business growth by targeting long-term growth prospects and aiming to be a leading technology company in the commerce sector in Asia.

We provide comprehensive support for the business growth of clients in various fields and possess various networks and proprietary data. Furthermore, by unifying our technology and business models globally, we are able to establish a system that enables our customers to leverage the scalable benefits of our reach.

We have been developing local, in-market expert teams across our various markets, to help our customers maximize the value of our technology. As of December 2023, 75% of our employees are based outside Japan. Our management team and recruitment infrastructure are also composed of local talent familiar with each market.

Global Business Expansion and Organizational Structure

We are committed to strengthening local teams in each country. In the diverse Asian region where languages and cultures vary, we consider the networks established by local teams, with partners and clients in each country, to be crucial. Leveraging the knowledge and networks in each country to provide cross-border value propositions globally is one of our strengths. As of December 2023, we have continued to diversify our overseas sales ratio and employee ratio to more than half of our business, establishing a unique position with a multinational revenue structure and organizational composition.

Synergistic Business Structure

Our "Brand Commerce" and "Partner Growth" segments form a business structure that easily generates synergies. By combining the network effects of enterprises, creators, and publishers, we are able to expand the value we can provide to each segment of customer.

Brand Commerce

We develop and provide a platform that supports brand development, planning, production management, construction and operation of e-commerce sites, marketing, and logistics management for enterprises and individuals such as influencers and creators.

Support from marketing to production and sales in one go.
Utilizing networks of creators and web and app publishers in each country enables high-quality marketing support tailored to each market and its needs.

Utilizing expertise and know-how in supporting enterprises, it is possible to acquire sponsorship projects.
With functions supporting the launch of D2C brands and e-commerce, multifaceted business expansion is possible.

Partner Growth Business

We provide revenue generation and support services for brand growth to publishers and creators operating web media and apps, utilizing our platforms.

・Web Media, Mobile Apps (Publishers), Creators
Utilizing expertise and know-how in marketing support, it is possible to acquire additional advertising revenue from advertisers. Features such as user acquisition can also be tapped on.
Support for expanding user base and additional revenue through content deployment on platforms like YouTube.

Increasing Access of BPaaS to Stimulate the Business Growth of our Customers

BPaaS (Business-Process-as-a-Service) is a model that combines proprietary software and operational support. We believe that there will be increasing demand for BPaaS to streamline and automate business processes, particularly in the APAC and the e-commerce sector, where market expansion is anticipated. Through the provision of platforms incorporating strategic approaches backed by data and the latest technologies, we aim to support the realization of business growth.

Accelerating Business Expansion through M&A Utilization

Our company has conducted M&As of eight companies in Japan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. When executing M&A, we emphasize the following points as criteria:

・The presence of management members capable of continuing to lead the business in the medium to long term and cultural fit.
・Synergy with existing businesses.
・Understanding and resolution regarding the target business.

Even in the acquisition of PT Digital Distribusi Indonesia (DDI), which became a subsidiary in 2023, synergies have already been created, such as acquiring cross-border e-commerce customers, strengthening solutions for business and revenue expansion, and utilizing products. To achieve medium to long-term growth in the future, we will continue to utilize M&A to accelerate the pace of business expansion.

The road ahead

As we embark on our next step as a company, we will continue to strive for medium to long-term growth on a global scale from Asia, with the ultimate aim to enhance corporate value.

I would like to ask for the continued support and encouragement of our shareholders and investors, as we continue to make it exciting for everyone to do business.

AnyMind Group

CEO and co-founder

Kosuke Sogo