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Our Competitive Advantage


Huge Growth Opportunities in Asian Markets

Since our establishment in Singapore in 2016, we have been expanding our business targeting a market of over 4 billion people in Asia. It is expected that the population in Asia will continue to increase in the medium to long term, leading to sustained economic growth. By focusing on these growth markets, we aim to achieve continuous business growth and strive to become the leading technology company in Asia in the commerce sector.

While all markets related to our business are growing, the global e-commerce market and cross-border e-commerce market, in particular, are expected to continue to experience high growth in the medium to long term, driving the expansion of our business opportunities.

On the other hand, we recognize that many companies face hurdles in advancing their businesses in Asia due to differences in local business customs and regulations across Asian countries, the difficulty in selecting trustworthy local partners in each country, and shortages of personnel and resources at the local and regional levels.

We believe that our business opportunities are increasing as we can provide support across Asia for the above challenges faced by customers, with products and solutions that cover the entire business process. Leveraging our widespread network and presence throughout Asia, we will expand our business to establish recognition as the go-to company for cross-border e-commerce business and growth support in Asia, and achieve the No. 1 position in Asia.


Global Management Structure and Local Network

Our top priority is to establish a strong management structure and local teams in each country. Our management team and recruitment foundation are composed primarily of local leaders who are well-versed in each market. Our executive team and officers come from 11* countries and regions. Moreover, over 70%* of our employees are comprised of local members from various Asian countries where we operate.
*As of May, 2024

By having strong management and local teams in each country, we are able to localize solutions and cultivate local networks such as social media influencers and website and mobile application publishers for our local customers. Particularly, acquiring local networks is a time-consuming process, so the network we have built across various Asian countries and regions since our establishment provides us with a significant competitive advantage.

In diverse economic regions across Asia with different languages and cultures, we believe that the strength of our local teams and networks with local partners in each country are crucial for building our business.


Development Capabilities and Global Expansion System to Support the Continuous Creation of New Solutions

Since our establishment, we have continuously developed and provided multiple advanced products and solutions to meet evolving market needs. Our strength lies in this technology development capability and utilization of technology.

With development teams in four global locations (Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam), we have established a system where our in-house recruiting team can hire excellent engineers from around the world.

While we have a system for efficient product development with globally unified products, we also conduct timely product and feature development based on customer needs drawn from each country's business units, enabling us to achieve relevant development with speed.

Amidst the accelerating changes in the market and advancements in technology, we will further strengthen our development capabilities and global structure to dynamically respond to market changes and ensure sustainable competitive advantage.


Unique Position Through a Combination of Technology and Operations

We consider that the business model based on the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model has not yet permeated in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. Factors such as the lack of internal structures and resources necessary for process improvement in users’ companies, which rely solely on software provision, often result in insufficient utilization of products.

On the other hand, many local companies provide services in the form of outsourcing operations such as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). However, they often face challenges in terms of quality and transparency of processes due to inadequate utilization of technology.

We believe this environment contributes to our competitive advantage in Asia. While global technology companies lack local operational capabilities, and local companies often lack technology, we uniquely possess both technology and local operational and support capabilities.

In particular, in the e-commerce domain, we are promoting the "BPaaS (Business-Process-as-a-Service) model," which combines local networks in each country with globally integrated products.
By covering operations, we can not only adapt to local regulations and business practices but also promote the utilization of technology and drive digital transformation (DX) and AI utilization. Additionally, customers can grasp and monitor data through our platforms. Through such high-value proposals combining products and operations, we aim to contribute to the business growth of our clients.


Growth Strategy Through Organic Growth and M&A

As of May 2024, our company has completed acquisitions of eight companies in Japan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. In addition to high organic growth, we utilize M&A to acquire operational excellence and management talent, and further accelerate growth across the entire group.

After M&A, we proceed with full business integration, including organization and products, to generate synergy. This has led to significant growth in the acquired businesses, and we have achieved high results in past M&A activities.

While our business model and products are designed on a globally unified basis, individual development of operations and networks in each country is necessary. We have been able to accelerate the establishment of our business foundation by combining organic expansion and M&A. We conduct many M&As in this global business roll-up model and effectively execute post-merger integrations (PMI) in a replicable manner.

Moving forward, we will continue to advance our business through both organic growth and M&A, accelerating business foundation strengthening and growth.